Dragon Quest Treasures: Best Monsters To Recruit First


Once gamers start their adventures inside Dragon Quest Treasures on the island of The Patternoggin, a number of monsters they defeat might be scouted to affix their occasion, though many are finest to recruit first when exploring the start sections. As maps broaden and 4 extra islands of Draconia turn into obtainable, the expertise allotted to early occasion members may also help immensely when gamers navigate the sport’s later levels. While sure objects should be collected to formally add monsters from scouting into Mia or Erik’s group, gamers have numerous choices at their disposal.


Among the early monsters gamers encounter, those to recruit first rely on their offensive and defensive capabilities, though the people with probably the most potential early on are King Slime, Golem, the Dune Stalker, the Hades Condor, and Greasy Palm. Each possesses distinctive Fortes, that are useful abilities exterior of fight divided into 5 classes. Players scouting these creatures can embark on their journey with monstrous mates in Dragon Quest Treasures that not solely assist throughout battles but in addition present traversal strategies to find new treasures hidden on the map.

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Recruit Monsters with the Best Fortes

Within all of the islands of Draconia, sure sections are laborious to succeed in, both via elevation or different obstacles that reside within the space. The whole 5 Fortes discovered on wild monsters gamers recruit mitigate these obstructions and are named Scan, Launch, Sprint, Stealth, and Glide. Having a monster within the occasion with these talents applies passive results and permits gamers to make the most of sure results to journey extra effectively. For instance, these with a monster that has Glide let gamers soar via the skies on the again of the beast, performing as a parachute that guides the lively protagonist via air currents to new places.

Every island in Dragon Quest Treasures could also be explored via Fortes, which additionally mix with one another to stack their results. Launch provides gamers a lift to their leaping top, whereas Sprint will increase their base motion velocity. Stealth and Scan let gamers cover from high-level monsters and detect treasures respectfully, in addition to discover valuables on the map that in any other case can be not possible to find and attain.

Gain Great Offense Through King Slime

Dragon Quest Treasures King Slime Recruitment With Other Scouted Monsters in Background

The monsters of the Patternoggin are all nostalgic from the Dragon Quest collection to a level, nevertheless it’s laborious to think about a extra iconic creature than the Slime, or its ruler discovered on this area, the King Slime. Found at Level 20 beneath the waterfall at Royal Soil, King Slime learns helpful hearth spells and boasts a fairly excessive Attack statistic, making it very helpful as a starting recruitable monster of Dragon Quest Treasures. The HP and Defense stats of King Slime are above common as properly, making it versatile as an offensive tank that doesn’t get trounced in opposition to the multitude of monsters gamers will little doubt encounter.

Roam Around The Patternoggin at Night to Find the Golem


Perhaps the hardest combat gamers will encounter through the sport’s early levels; the Golem might solely be discovered at evening in The Patternoggin, particularly close to the Palatiel Plains. Found close to Level 12-18, probably the most difficult side of defeating a Golem entails its resistance to Buddy Bullets, a instrument that often results in monsters wanting to use for scouting. However, gamers who take the time to defeat this juggernaut will discover a monster with large defenses, excessive quantities of treasure slots, and resistance to most harm sorts discovered within the sport.

Have An Assassin Through the Dune Stalker

Dragon Quest Treasures Dune Stalker Example Stats with Attack, Treasure Capacity, and Deftness Standing Out

Outside The Patternoggin monsters in Dragon Quest Treasures lies the Dune Stalker, discovered within the desert areas of The Maneland, one other island discovered within the early components of the sport. A standard creature that spawns round Levels 15-18, Dune Stalkers are notoriously laborious to recruit, that means gamers might must problem all kinds of them to realize the curiosity of 1. However, possessing the Glide Forte, Dune Stalkers have a few of the highest Attack of any monster at their degree, which can be honed additional with extra expertise to create a very damaging member of the participant’s occasion.

Soar Through the Skies with Hades Condor

Dragon Quest Treasures Hades Condor Character in Story That Can Also Be Reruited as A Monster in Party

Despite being way more frequent in The Maneland, Hades Condor could also be recruited as early as The Patternoggin, within the cliffs close to the waterfalls close to Palatiel Plains and Teardrop Falls, and go away a powerful impression when enjoying Dragon Quest Treasures. Found at Level 10, Hades Condor has the necessary magic Heal, a rarity amongst monsters that enables it to revive the well being of others within the occasion. With the Glide Forte and wonderful ranged assaults on offense making up for lack of HP, Hades Condor balances groups right into a preventing drive for the damaging dungeons all through Draconia.

Slip By with Stealth From Greasy Palm

Dragon Quest Treasures The Maneland

While the Shadow monster exists inside The Patternoggin with the Stealth Forte, it doesn’t have something going for it in comparison with different monsters. Players that desire a creature with Stealth ought to as an alternative go to The Maneland and seek for a Greasy Palm, which might be discovered at Levels 5-12 in entrance of the primary station main into Bonedry Heights. Greasy Palms concentrate on Area of Effect (AoE) assaults, with first rate defenses and a penchant for magical talents. Helping go for gold in Dragon Quests Treasures via its jack-of-all-trades nature, the Greasy Palm opens up paths previous enemies that may now be averted via its Forte.

Party compositions for the participant are finest fitted to monsters that mix these traits and Fortes right into a stability that fits the playstyle getting used. For instance, gamers that spec the protagonists Mia or Erik into Attack with an emphasis on bodily strikes may discover extra success with the Greasy Palm and Hades Condor than they’d with the Dune Stalker on their groups. The finest monsters to recruit first in Dragon Quest Treasures replicate on the gamers’ efforts, strengthening their strategies by supporting their preferences throughout their journey.

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