Dusk launches Streets ice cream-inspired fragrance range

Streets ice cream and home fragrance brand Dusk have teamed up to re-imagine “childhood favourites” into fragrances.

The ice cream-inspired fragrance range includes candles, fragrant oils, tealights, and melts in the scents of Bubble O’ Bill, Golden Gaytime, Rainbow Paddle Pop, and Splice.

“Scents are known to have a strong link to people’s memories, and what better way to bring back the memories of sunshine and summer than with our Streets x Dusk range, said Annie Lucchitti, marketing manager for Streets.

Bubble O’Bill evokes a berry bubble gum scent, combining juicy strawberries and raspberries; Golden Gaytime is inspired by the ice cream’s biscuit-toffee flavoured with whipped vanilla layered with caramel; Rainbow Paddle Pop is a pastel swirl of vanilla bean, strawberry, and caramel; while Splice is a refreshing lime with a vanilla cream centre.

“We invite you to the creamiest, dreamiest summertime street party hosted by Dusk and Streets,” added Julia Utz, general manager for product and marketing, Dusk.

The partnership was managed by brand extension agency Asembl. The Dusk x Streets range is available nationwide from RRP $14.99 to $59.99 in Dusk stores and online.

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