Elden Ring: The Tragic Tale Of Hewg And Roderika


In the Lands Between setting of Elden Ring, FromSoftware’s latest RPG, mates and allies like Hewg and Roderika are few and much between. From the start of the sport to its epic climax, these two NPCs keep on with the participant from starting to finish – Hewg is a blacksmith, a Misbegotten prisoner of the Roundtable Hold, and Roderika is a Tarnished noblewoman who turns into the participant’s Spirit Tuner. The narrative arcs of those two Elden Ring NPCs create an endearingly tragic story, however merchandise descriptions and dialogue additionally assist reconstruct the life tales of Hewg and Roderika earlier than they got here to the Roundtable Hold.


As the 2 most vital utility NPCs in Elden Ring – the blacksmith who can improve a participant’s weapons and the Spirit Tuner who can improve a participant’s Spirit Ashes – each Hewg and Roderika are coded to be not possible to kill by a participant who swings their weapons by chance or maliciously. Hewg is actually shackled to the Roundtable Hold the place violence is not possible, forbidden by the allegiance of Tarnished who use it as a base, whereas Roderika is protected by a magical barrier when gamers firsts meet her in Limgrave. Even with out these in-game safeguards, few gamers would wish to hurt these two NPCs, who’ve genial personalities and unhappy backstories that evoke a whole lot of sympathy.

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Hewg the Blacksmith’s Pre-Elden Ring History

The Misbegotten enemies tragically encountered in Elden Ring – misshapen in stature, with unusual growths of horn, scales, wings, and tails – had been as soon as despised and enslaved by the human ruling class of the Golden Order. Within the open-world setting of the Lands Between, gamers can discover Misbegotten rising up towards their human masters in Castle Morne and looking for refuge inside the all-accepting society of the Haligtree, grown by Miquella to problem the Erdtree’s energy. When gamers first encounter Hewg, the Misbegotten blacksmith explicitly states he bears them no ailing will for his imprisonment. Indeed, it might not be his iron leg shackles protecting him sure to the Roundtable Hold.

Hewg’s early life residing beneath Elden Ring‘s Golden Order had been doubtless depressing, as a Misbegotten raised in a society that despised and enslaved his variety. The remainder of Hewg’s backstory will be uncovered by deciphering enigmatic statements Elden Ring gamers can overhear. In his first dialog, Hewg talks about his love for the artwork of blacksmithing, and the way forging weapons helps him “forget the sheer terror of her.” After instructing Roderika the artwork of Spirit Tuning, Hewg mentions how he is “indebted to a Spirit Tuner” he met way back. Finally, after gamers progress by means of their Elden Ring playthrough, they’ll overhear Hewg muttering this prayer, wealthy in sport lore:

“Your divinity, have mercy, and grant me forgiveness. The road is yet long. A God not easily felled. But one day, without fail, you will have your wish. So please, grant me forgiveness, Queen Marika…”

If Hewg’s phrases listed here are true, then sooner or later in his previous, the Misbegotten blacksmith will need to have been approached by Elden Ring‘s Queen Marika on the peak of her energy – a golden haired goddess as vivid and horrible because the solar. Whether by means of magical enchantments or sheer charisma, Marika sure Hewg to the duty of crafting a god-slaying weapon (both for Radagon, the Elden Beast endgame boss, or each). Initially, Hewg might need accepted Marika’s mission for concern of divine punishment. By the time of Elden Ring‘s marketing campaign, although, Hewg appears to view the crafting of a (max-upgraded) god-slaying weapon as the last word take a look at of his blacksmithing expertise and decisive proof of his value as a sentient being.

Roderika The Spirit Tuner’s Pre-Elden Ring History

A close-up of Roderika, an NPC from the video game Elden Ring, wearing a white dress and red hooded cloak.

When gamers first encounter Roderika and her quest early in Elden Ring, the younger Tarnished girl is at her wit’s finish and teetering on the point of despair. She rambles on about how her companions, who crossed the ocean together with her to battle by her facet within the Lands Between, had been brutally dismembered and grafted to a “spider” in Stormveil Castle (both Godrick the Grafted or one in every of his Grafted Scions). Seeing herself as nothing greater than a ineffective coward, Roderika retains attempting to speak herself into returning to Stormveil and “joining” her fallen comrades, however hints at her affinity with spirits when she items the participant a Spirit Jellyfish Ash.

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In the depths of the Stormveil Castle, Elden Ring‘s Limgrave legacy dungeon, gamers can discover two keepsakes of Roderika’s followers atop a corpse-pile. The Chrysalid’s Memento key merchandise, tinged with the lingering voices of Roderika’s companions, will restore her will to dwell if gifted to her, as she senses their perception and religion in her potential. The different merchandise, a Crimson Hood headpiece similar to the one worn by Roderika, comprises this very revealing description:

A hooded cloak of vivid crimson. Worn by expatriated royalty. Increases vigor.

Such cloaks had been gifted to those that departed on journeys with out particular orders, to faraway lands from which they might by no means return. In different phrases, the present of a cloak made it simpler for undesirable to be on their manner.

Roderika by no means as soon as noticed the steering of grace.

Before the occasions of Elden Ring, however doubtless a while after the in depth histories of the sport’s setting penned by writer George R.R. Martin, Roderika appears to have been the unfavorite youngster of a royal household outdoors Elden Ring‘s Lands Between – unskilled on the artwork of fight, too skittish and filled with doubt to be a decisive ruler. When she was revived from loss of life by a fraction of grace, her royal kin seized on this blessing as an excuse to completely banish Roderika from no matter land she referred to as residence. And but, for all of the contempt Roderika acquired from her friends, her underlings appear to have held her within the highest esteem – for being variety, delicate, and caring when her fellow royals had been merciless and callous. It’s by means of Hewg’s tutelage that Roderika lastly lives as much as her follower’s religion, changing into a Spirit Tuner who upgrades the Spirit Ashes Elden Ring gamers can use to conjure spectral allies.

The Fate Of Roderika And Hewg In Elden Ring

Elden Ring's Roundtable Hold burning after the player sets fire to the Erdtree.

Roderika was a human member of royalty, whereas Hewg was a menial blacksmith. Despite these variations in origin, these two Elden Ring NPCs even have loads in frequent, being people who overcome the rejection of their societies by mastering their respective crafts. As different supporting characters die, abandon, or kill one another in Elden Ring‘s Roundtable Hold, this discovered household of two proceed to help the Tarnished protagonist till the top of Elden Ring‘s storyline, even because the Roundtable Hold burns down and Hewg’s reminiscences burn together with it.

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