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At CES 2023, Ember announced a new update to its Travel Mug. Ember Travel Mug 2+ brings all the features you love about the Travel Mug 2 edition, but now with a twist: Apple Find My support.

Before introducing the AirTag in 2020, Apple opened its Find My network to third-party developers, letting other companies offer products that can be discovered through the Find My app once lost. Although AirTag’s Precision Find feature is still exclusive, third-party companies can use the network to let users know once their product/accessory got left behind and play it a sound.

Currently, there are item trackers, bikes, backpacks, and other accessories with Find My support. With Ember Travel Mug 2+, this will be the first mug to have Find My capabilities – and for a $200 price point, it’s clear why you don’t want to lose your mug in a bus, hotel room, or trail.

This accessory is designed to be used on the go, as it allows you to set an exact drinking temperature for your beverage and keep it there for up to three hours, so your coffee is never too hot or too cold.

With a new touch display, you just need to tap the + or – symbol to increase or decrease temperature. Although the mug only lasts for three hours when actively used, customers can let it in the charging coaster, so the coffee is always at the right temperature.

The product supports up to 12 oz (355 ml). You can connect the accessory with the Ember app to customize presets for your favorite drinks, receive notifications when your desired temperature is reached, personalize your mug, and more.

According to TechCrunch, the Ember Travel Mug 2+ will launch later this year. It’s unclear if the Travel Mug 2 version will get a price discount or if the company will discontinue the product.


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