England: High school graduate (17) takes ecstasy for the first time – and dies


An English high school student has died after taking ecstasy for the first time. The incident involving 17-year-old Lila-Grace Smith happened in June last year, according to a Daily Mail report. Only then did the victim’s mother comment.

England: 17-year-old takes ecstasy for the first time – and dies

According to this, a group of young people in Keighley, a small town in northern England, celebrated at a friend’s house, where Smith also took the drug. Help from the circle of friends failed, and when the emergency services were called around midnight, it was already too late. The teenager died an hour later at Bradford Hospital.

A forensic doctor later confirmed that the drug was taken in the form of an amount of ecstasy, which usually results in death. Mother Emma Hargreaves said she warned her daughter not to use drugs because of a similar incident in her circle of friends. Smith was fit and healthy.

Mother had warned her daughter about drug use

Hargreaves would have known about alcohol consumption, but daughter Lila-Grace always told her that she had never used any drugs herself, despite her friends’ circle of drugs. “My heart is broken, I’m shocked. You just can’t imagine something like that happening to your own child.”

Smith, who, in addition to attending a high school major in psychology, French and biology, also worked as a waitress and took piano lessons, had had a boyfriend since elementary school, according to her mother, and nothing would have pointed to such a misfortune. Investigations show that on the evening of the incident, the youth group had consumed not only alcohol but also so-called “hippie crack” – a legal laughing gas – before ecstasy came into play. The exact background is still unclear, there are no criminal proceedings.

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