Even Batman Fans Completely Missed Batman’s Secret Weakness

While Batman has a contingency plan for defeating nearly any villain (or superhero), he has a blind spot in relation to his personal secret weak spot: harmful ladies. Whether he’s enjoying the a part of rooftop vigilante or billionaire playboy, Bruce Wayne has a infamous behavior of being seduced and betrayed by the other intercourse. This tragic character flaw may simply be the recipe for Batman’s final undoing.

The two most critical romantic relationships in Batman’s profession have been with Selina Kyle aka Catwoman and Talia al Ghul, the Daughter of the Demon, each criminals with blood on their arms. Even his minor love pursuits are suffering from darkness: April Clarkson (a deranged assassin), Jaina Hudson (whose villainous alter-ego is White Rabbit), Jezebel Jet (a undercover agent despatched by the Black Glove to destroy him), and Natalia Knight aka Nocturna (a jewel thief who tried to steal custody of Robin). How does the World’s Greatest Detective proceed to be fooled by the drained trope of the femme fatale? Why does the Caped Crusader who vowed to get rid of all crime discover himself drawn towards ladies on the unsuitable facet of the regulation?


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The apparent reply is that Batman is incapable of real love. He seeks an thrilling and harmful substitute by getting into into an infinite and hole sexual pursuit. He can’t enable himself to really be with Talia al Ghul or Catwoman with out compromising his mission. Nocturna completely summarized this phenomenon in Batman #390, written by Doug Moench and illustrated by Tom Mandrake, when she challenged his romantic notions: “You’ve all the time cherished ladies darkish and harmful —but in the event that they do one thing darkish and harmful—you may’t love them—and subsequently, you have by no means actually cherished any girl in any respect.” Bruce Wayne enters into senseless flings and doomed dalliances as a result of an actual relationship may by no means be sustained because of the burden of being Gotham’s protector.

The horrible reality is that if Bruce ever finds unconditional love from a romantic accomplice, Batman might be destroyed. This last piece of the puzzle would full his household, unify the components of his soul that he misplaced in Crime Alley when his mother and father had been killed, and finish the torment that fuels his vengeance. It’s apparent that the function of Batman can’t exist within the context of a wholesome marriage to that time that in Batman #214, written by Frank Robbins and illustrated by Irv Novick, mobsters try to trick Batman into marriage simply to boring his crimefighting efforts. The closest Batman has ever come to being destroyed by love was his engagement to Catwoman. Tragically, Selina left Bruce on the altar in Batman #50, written by Tom King, however this act of emotional betrayal was noble. She couldn’t give Bruce a cheerful life as a result of she couldn’t enable herself to be the explanation Batman died.

Batman has many weaknesses as a result of, not like a lot of the superheroes within the DC Comics pantheon, he doesn’t have superpowers. At the top of the day, Bruce Wayne is only a good man in a Batsuit with a number of fancy toys and an intense exercise routine. Fortunately for Gotham, Batman’s biggest secret weak spot can by no means be absolutely exploited by his enemies. Dark seduction is his weak spot, however the love of a very good girl is the ultimate nail within the coffin. Batman can’t exist within the “happily ever after” epilogue of Bruce’s life.

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