Even Darkseid Is Scared of One Iconic DC Villain


While the DC supervillain Darkseid is not petrified of many opponents, weapons, or powers throughout the galaxy, however admits one villain, the Black Racer, struck concern into the guts of the Ruler of Apokolips like few others ever have. In Final Crisis, Darkseid was revealed to concern the New Gods’ model of Death, as they represented an actual attainable finish to the highly effective villain’s dominance within the DC Universe and an finish to his evil reign.

In the Final Crisis crossover occasion from Grant Morrison, J.G. Jones, and Carlos Pacheco, Darkseid gained the Anti-life Equation and unleashed it upon the world. However, after almost taking down the Multiverse and having the best heroes on the point of defeat, Barry Allen and Wally West’s Flash managed to carry the Black Racer into the battle. The New God of Death, whose origins connect with the Ruler of Apokolips, got here face-to-face with Darkseid after each Flash heroes outraced him. The villain can solely say, “no. Not you,” as he watches his rule crumble because the Black Racer goes after him whereas the heroes remedy these contaminated by the Anti-Life Equation. In the method, the Black Racer is revealed because the one villain Darkseid admits he’s really afraid of.


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The Black Racer Is Tied To Darkseid’s Own Origin

Darkseid Fears The Black Racer

Darkseid being afraid of the Black Racer is becoming, as the 2 New Gods’ origins are carefully linked again to their time on Apokolips. The supervillain claimed the Black Racer as his “greatest weapon” by capturing Death and tying it to a bunch (like The Flash within the Darkseid War) after he took management of the planet. As a outcome, the Black Racer served his grasp because the manifestation of Death within the DC Universe to do his evil bidding.

Darkseid’s existence is essential to his mission to make use of the Anti-Life Equation to form actuality to his picture. He is not afraid of ache or harm, however one factor the villain is petrified of is his personal dying. So, with the Black Racer being able to taking him off the board, Darskeid even admits the Black Racer can – and has – put an finish to his evil machinations.

Ultimately, the Black Racer has confirmed to be the proper weapon in opposition to Darkseid as he ended up killing him in each Final Crisis and in Darkseid War (the latter the place Flash possessed Death). With the New God villain having the ability to finish his existence, it is comprehensible that Darkseid, regardless of being one of the crucial menacing dangerous guys within the DC Universe, is afraid of the Black Racer.

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