Facebook’s Four Problems – The Alike


Last month, for instance, Kylie Jenner complained to her 361 million followers, “Make Instagram Instagram again.” An anti-Instagram pile-on ensued, as The Times’s Kalley Huang wrote.

“The company just doesn’t appear to know how to invent successful new stuff,” Farhad Manjoo of Times Opinion has written. “Most of its biggest hits — not just two of its main products, Instagram and WhatsApp, but many of its most-used features, like Instagram Stories — were invented elsewhere. They made their way to Facebook either through acquisitions or, when that didn’t work, outright copying.”

That’s an enormous change from Facebook’s first decade, when it reworked social media. Especially vital was its News Feed, which meant customers not needed to spend time seeking out different accounts to know what folks had been posting.

Since the corporate went public in 2012, it has been a lot much less revolutionary.

Zuckerberg feels so strongly that the metaverse — primarily based around the globe of virtual-reality, or VR — represents the way forward for the web that he renamed the corporate after it.

“It’s been almost a year since Facebook rebranded itself Meta and announced its big push into the metaverse, and there aren’t a lot of big, obvious wins to show for it,” Kevin mentioned. “VR is still pretty niche, and it’s not clear how much usage apps like Horizon Worlds are getting. (Although, if any Meta employees are reading this, I would love to know!)”

When Zuckerberg unveiled elements of the corporate’s platform final week, critics mocked it as trying dated. He responded by acknowledging it was “pretty basic” and promised “major updates” quickly.


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