Fans level out that ‘She-Hulk’ critics are in for a shock when the X-Men arrive

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If there’s one specific sentence that sums up the reactionary response to each new Marvel present, particularly She-Hulk and Ms. Marvel, it’s that the MCU acquired “political”, and now followers are questioning how some might react to the X-Men.

She-Hulk has seen a small minority of hyper on-line web males get very up in arms over the perceived “vitriol towards men“, as well as the show’s clear feminist themes. It’s hardly new ground for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, with Captain Marvel perhaps the most overt with feminist symbolism and lines.

But if some are getting mad at She-Hulk, how will they react to perhaps the greatest civil rights metaphors in the Marvel canon that come with the X-Men?

The X-Men are by far Marvel’s most diverse cast of characters, as the original post says. Filled with LGBTQ+ characters and strong women, it seems like the reactionary hivemind hasn’t seen anything yet. The Marvel Cinematic Universe has seen truthfully, very few queer characters to date. America Chavez, Valkyrie, and Korg make up the most notable LGBTQ+ characters so far in the Marvel film canon.

Stan Lee was always very open about the X-Men’s place in the universe as stand-ins for real-world issues, and very overtly decades on with the God Loves, Man Kills story arc which saw a reverent attempt to kill the mutants as they were “abominations” within the eyes of God.

In reality, if any Marvel collection ought to be referred to as “woke”, it must be an X-Men one. Let’s not even delve into the layers of insanity which have come to be related to the time period woke. In eyes of reactionaries, it does seem to be any sturdy feminine character is inherently unhealthy. Look no additional than Layla in Moon Knight.

The X-Men noticed a slight debut in Doctor Strange within the Multiverse of Madness as Professor X returned, however X-Men ’97 would be the seemingly first peak into the brand new age for the mutant roster.

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