Flour, electricity, oil everything has become expensive, even the world will not give a loan, will Pakistan really come on the road?


DNA Hindi: Inflation condition in Pakistan is getting worse day by day. Until now, people were worried about wheat and flour. Now electricity prices have also been increased. As per the new tariff, electricity has become Rs 46 per unit. Pakistan expected from the World Bank that if it got a loan, it would get some relief. Pakistan has requested $1.1 billion from the World Bank. Now the World Bank has also refused to give a loan for now, describing Pakistan’s economy as the worst. In the absence of a loan, all avenues to Pakistan now seem closed. There are fears that the condition of Pakistan may not become like Sri Lanka and people may not start protesting on the road even for food and drink.

According to the news of the Pakistani newspaper The Express Tribune, the World Bank has delayed the approval of a loan of 1.1 billion dollars, dealing a big blow to Pakistan. The World Bank has opposed the imposition of anti-flood duty on imports into Pakistan. The World Bank says this is hampering annual aid of $32 billion. There is also a decline in the number of Pakistani citizens sending money from abroad due to which the foreign exchange fund is also weakening.

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electricity has become expensive in pakistan
Electricity also shocked ordinary people struggling with inflation. Pakistan’s National Electricity Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) has increased electricity prices in Karachi by around Rs 3.30 per unit. For some other categories of consumers, electricity rates have also been increased from Rs 1.5 to Rs 4.5.

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According to Pakistani media, before the electricity price hike, electricity was available at Rs 43 per unit in many areas. In this regard, the government is also giving a subsidy of Rs 18 per unit to the power companies.

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