Following Ukraine, Russian weapons are wreaking havoc in other countries, read full news


Bamako: Russian weapons trapped in the Ukraine war are now wreaking havoc in Africa. Russian President Vladimir Putin has supplied the African nation of Mali with everything from Sukhoi fighter jets to his MI-8 helicopters. Russia supplied these deadly weapons to its new military and political ally, Mali. Separately, Russia also provided Mali with Albatros L-39 aircraft designed by the Czech Republic. The Sukhoi Su-25 fighter is designed to support ground forces.

Russian Ambassador Igor Gromyko has handed over plans for eight fighter jets and two helicopters, AFP reported. Russia handed over this deadly weapon to Mali’s military ruler, Colonel Asimi Goita. The L-39 aircraft was originally built for training purposes. Now it is also used to attack enemies. Mali was also given his Soviet-designed Mi-8 transport helicopter. teeth. With the help of this helicopter, not only can you take soldiers with you, but you can also carry machine guns and attack them on the ground.

Officials in Mali did not disclose how many weapons they received from Russia. He claimed to have purchased these weapons. He did not say how much money he was given. From March 2022 to he August, Russia was supplying Mali with powerful weapons. A West African country is fighting jihadists in Mali. Separately, there have been ongoing political and humanitarian crises since 2012. The current military government is running after the 2020 coup.

This new government cut ties with the previous colonial ruler, France. After this, Russia flew into Mali and began supplying the junta with weapons. Multiple sources say the military junta will start calling in Wagner’s paramilitary forces, dubbed Russian President Vladimir Putin’s private army, into the country in 2021. Mali’s ruler denies this claim.

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