Foxconn offering bonuses for new hiring to boost iPhone production


After 20,000 new hires left Foxconn’s largest iPhone factory in Zhengzhou, China, due to protests and fear of COVID-19 contamination, it’s been reported that not only will the lockdown in the area end, but Apple’s main manufacturer is planning to offer bonuses for workers who recommend new people to work at the factory.

According to Reuters, Foxconn will offer a 1,000 yuan award to staff who “successfully recommend people to work at its plant in China’s Zhenzhgou city” as it tries to regain a part of the staff missing after 20,000 hires went back home.

Apple’s main manufacturer will offer 500 yuan if the person stays for 15 days and another 500 yuan if they make it to a month. For both Apple and Foxconn, it’s important to find new workers as soon as possible, as the Cupertino company is struggling with the lack of iPhone 14 Pro models in the market.

For Foxconn, losing orders to other manufacturers is a concern, as Apple is also planning to move iPhone 15 Pro orders to other partners next year, according to yesterday’s BGR report.

According to Reuters, Foxconn has already upped bonuses for existing workers and offers higher paychecks for new workers. On Tuesday, on WeChat, the manufacturer warned that “the factory’s operations and life there was slowing returning to normal as the COVID situation there improved.”

Zhengzhou city late on Tuesday announced the “orderly” resumption of businesses, including supermarkets, gyms and restaurants, though it also published a long list of buildings that would remain under lockdown.

On Wednesday, the Zhengzhou Airport Economic Zone where the Foxconn plant is located, said it would undertake those measures from Dec. 1.

BGR will keep reporting on this matter as the situation develops at the largest iPhone factory.

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