Future Proof ROI in Retail webinar – Advantech, Intel & Unique Micro Design


The upcoming retail solution webinar by Advantech will focus on highlighting key IoT technologies in use within the retail space.

IoT, computer vision, AI, e-commerce and omnichannel customer journeys have enabled retailers to gain insights into what customers truly want and prepare what products to offer, where to offer and when to offer them. Intel will be focusing on showcasing how IoT and data/video analytics can help retailers benefit from this trend. Meanwhile, Advantech’s SI partner UMD will showcase a Retail Edge Application platform that can help streamline operations within retail.

Many retail systems are limited by their existing functionality. For example, RFID technology requires the unique identification and management of all RFID-tagged items in retail, while POS systems only understand products down to an SKU level.

UMD’s REAP (Retail Edgeware Application Platform) solves this problem by using IoT and lightweight infrastructure to interface and extract data with little to no software changes, which is used to enhance the system functionally. This helps avoid difficult and costly integration or introducing new infrastructure. 

The session will bring together Advantech’s eco-system partners that can help deliver the right solution with seamless integration of software and hardware technologies. The session will also highlight key hardware solutions from Advantech Service IoT like self-serve kiosks and mobile POS and their usage within the retail space. 

So, join Advantech, Intel Corporation and Unique Micro Design to see how IoT technologies are shaping the future of retail. Discover how you can leverage these latest technologies to futureproof investment in your retail applications. 

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