Game Of Thrones: 10 Tyrion Mannerisms & Traits From The Books Peter Dinklage Nailed


Though House of the Dragon has launched some wonderful new characters like Daemon Targaryen and Alicent Hightower, there has but to be one character that stands out in the way in which Tyrion Lannister did in Game of Thrones. He immediately grew to become the preferred character on the present largely because of Peter Dinklage’s efficiency.

There are some ways by which Dinklage made the function his personal. However, followers of George R.R. Martin’s books will discover that there are components, from Tyrion’s sharp wit to his inside want for acceptance, that Dinklage nails in her efficiency on Game of Thrones.


His Love Of Wine

Though Tyrion is aware of the worth of guide for the thoughts, he’s additionally not above indulging in some wine as properly. Partially out of a want to behave out, Tyrion is understood for his heavy ingesting and partying methods. And there are even moments when his dependency on wine is harmful at occasions.

The present means into this much more with a few of Tyrion’s defining quotes revolving round wine. Dinklage clearly had loads of enjoyable with these moments, hilariously taking part in drunk in a number of memorable scenes.

His Love For Shae

Tyrion Shae game of thrones

Due to a lifetime of being referred to as a monster, Tyrion has little or no vanity within the books in terms of girls. To his shock, he kinds a relationship with Shae and comes to like her deeply, seeing her as the middle of his world which results in a devastating finish.

Dinklage performs the arc of this relationship very successfully, displaying Tyrion’s hesitation about turning into too shut, giving into his deep love for her over time, and ultimately his heartbreak over shedding her.

His Sharp Wit

Tyrion Lannister smirking in Game of Thrones

Even inside the grimmer world of Martin’s books, the author nonetheless discovered events for comedy. Of course, most of these moments got here from Tyrion and his sharp tongue. He was all the time fast with a comeback or hilarious remark, even in probably the most intense conditions.

Dinklage is an actor with terrific comedic skills and he steals the present together with his humor. He is especially humorous with Tyrion’s willingness to be self-deprecating and displaying a goofy aspect to him with out ever abandoning his intelligence.

His View Of Knowledge As Power

Tyrion as acting Hand of The King in his father's absence in Game of Thrones

Though Tyrion is at a drawback in his world, the books present that he acknowledges how he can nonetheless be highly effective. He understands that being good and sharpening his mind is simply as precious as being a talented swordsman with a powerful blade.

Though he makes many errors by the top of the collection, Tyrion is actually one of many smartest characters on Game of Thrones. Dinklage performs the arrogance Tyrion has in these mental showdowns as if he’s taking part in a sport of chess in his head.

His Political Savviness

Tyrion Lannister in the small council in Game of Thrones

The greatest show of Tyrion’s intelligence is in his political methods. As quickly as he’s in King’s Landing and going through off with the likes of Littlefinger and Varys, Tyrion lastly feels as if he belongs and expresses pleasure at having a goal like this.

There are many followers of Game of Thrones who really feel Tyrion is your best option to rule Westeros. Dinklage showcases Tyrion’s information of this world and its complexities. Tyrion stays one step forward of enemies like Stannis Baratheon, performs rivals like Cersei, and isn’t as gullible as Ned Stark.

His Epic Insults

An image of Tyrion looking surprised in Game Of Thrones

Loads of Tyrion’s funniest moments within the guide come from his insults. Though the world appears down on Tyrion and mocks him ruthlessly, he typically has a significantly better comeback in retailer for these folks.

Dinklage appears to have a blast delivering Tyrion’s shadiest burns on Game of Thrones. It is one other instance of him utilizing his mind as a weapon in opposition to individuals who suppose he’s lower than them. There are few issues as satisfying within the present as seeing Tyrion humiliate Joffrey Baratheon with some hilarious jabs.

His Desire For Acceptance

Peter Dinklage as Tyrion in Game of Thrones

Tyrion’s time in King’s Landing brings out one other facet of his persona. He would not admit it out loud to most individuals, however Tyrion needs to be given respect by the folks and from his household. Leading males into battle through the Battle of Blackwater provides him a style of that factor he so badly needs.

This is seen within the present as properly with Dinklage taking part in completely. The second he decides to steer the military, Tyrion is stuffed with worry and hesitation, however Dinklage additionally performs it as if this can be a second Tyrion has waited for his complete life.

His Pain At Being Disrespected

Tyrion Lannister angry while on trial in Game of Thrones

Tyrion is actually a tragic character together with his want for respect met with unwarranted hate. Though he makes an attempt to keep up his robust, unbreakable demeanor, the inside monologues within the books so how wounded Tyrion is when he’s denied love kind the folks he dangers his life to serve and even from his family.

Dinklage is chargeable for a few of the most heartbreaking scenes within the present, portraying the ache in Tyrion. This is very true of the scenes he shares with Tywin. The devastation he expresses at being disrespected by his personal father is difficult to observe.

His Connection To Jaime

Jaime and Tyrion Lannister at the trial in Game of Thrones

Tyrion could also be mistreated by most of his household, however he does share a powerful connection together with his brother. Jaime and Tyrion would not have as a lot time collectively within the books as they do within the present, however every time Tyrion thinks about him, he sees Jaime as his one true protector on the planet.

Just like within the books, there are moments of pressure between Tyrion and Jaime within the present. However, their ultimate scene collectively exhibits how vital they’re to one another. Dinklage’s emotional efficiency as he tells Jaime that he saved his life cements that relationship.

His Sympathy For Others

Tyrion Lannister in armor in Game of Thrones

One of the issues that makes Tyrion such a likable character within the books, regardless of his faults, is his compassion for others. Even although he’s mistreated, he’s nonetheless involved and even feels a kinship with different outcasts, feeling sympathy for the likes of Jon Snow and Bran Stark.

This additionally helps to determine his likability within the present even with out these inside ideas. When Tyrion visits Bran, Dinklage performs him as actually compassionate even when others do not count on it from him.

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