Game Of Thrones: 10 Unpopular Opinions About The Dragons, According To Reddit


House of the Dragon, much more than Game of Thrones, places a substantial amount of emphasis on the significance of its title creatures. In the arms of the Targaryens, they’re mammoth weapons of mass destruction, able to raining down hearth and destroy on the enemies of the dynasty (and generally on fellow relations).

However, these beasts are additionally fairly essential to the unique sequence. And, whereas they’re undeniably visually beautiful and a key a part of its enchantment to those that love the excessive fantasy side of Game of Thrones, the customers of Reddit haven’t been shy about sharing a few of their unpopular opinions about these creatures.


They Look Better In “Game Of Thrones”

The dragons usually play a key function in House of the Dragon, and they’re a key a part of the ability that many dragonriders wield. However, Sir_Cloudy argues that “the original Game of Thrones dragons looked much better than the House of the Dragon.”

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It’s arduous to see why this may be the case. Among different issues, the dragons in House of the Dragon show a outstanding array of appearances and, because the battle between Vhagar and Arrax show, these totally different appearances have very important penalties for the unfolding of occasions.

Viserion’s Death Was Boring

Viserion's death beyond the Wall

There are many notable deaths in Game of Thrones. For some, the dying of the dragon Viserion by the hands of the Night King was wrenching, however for others, akin to vonillips, this wasn’t the case. They write that “I felt nothing when Viserion died.”

While some may not really feel that the dragons are worthy of emotional funding, many others acknowledge the dragons not simply as weapons within the arms of Daenerys but in addition as beings with their very own intelligence and minds of their very own. Thus, it’s troublesome to think about what it might be like to not really feel something once they perish in such a ugly style.

Westeros Would Be Better Off Without Them

Drogon burns King's Landing in Game of Thrones

Dragons are among the most undeniably fascinating creatures in Game of Thrones. This doesn’t endear them to all Redditors, nevertheless. One user says, for instance, “I think Westeros would be better off without the dragons so I think they should be all killed off.”

Dangerous although the dragons are, and as a lot as they are often abused by those that have the ability to experience them, it does appear quite vexing that individuals would argue so explicitly for the extermination of a residing being. This is very distressing provided that dragons have proven themselves to be remarkably clever beings, able to understanding what is going on to them.

Direwolves Are Better Than Dragons

Jon Snow and Ghost at the wall on Game of Thrones

For some Redditors, it’s very clear which creature finally ends up being extra compelling. In the opinion of Arya1100, direwoves win on this contest, arms down.

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Direwolves do, it’s true, have some issues of their favor. In specific, their bond with the Stark kids is notable. However, by way of sheer bodily may alone, dragons are vastly superior, and that is buttressed by how stunningly they’re wrought on the visible discipline. Even now, it’s arduous to not be merely overwhelmed by the sight of Drogon in all of his fiery majesty, raining destruction down on Daenerys’ enemies.

They Bring Down The Quality Of The Show

Daenerys emerging from the funeral pyre with the newly-hatched Drogon.

In the views of many, Game of Thrones is likely one of the greatest HBO exhibits. However, deathpr0fess0r believes the dragons drag it down by way of high quality and that they “turn it into The Evil Dead meets Dragonheart/How to Train Your Dragon.”

While it’s true that dragons are a rare addition to the story, that is exactly the purpose. They are, as with so many different components of Martin’s world, constructed into the very material of the world. They are key to the Targaryens’ perception in their very own inviolability and, removed from being simply one other aspect of fantasy, are a key a part of the social and political construction, for good and for sick.

Rhaegal Should Have Died in Season 8

Jon riding Rhaegal on Game of Thrones

Of the various important battles in Game of Thrones, one of the vital notable was Daenerys’ sack of King’s Landing. Some Redditors consider that Rhaegal ought to have been slain there quite than by the hands of Euron. As kah_alan argues: “Season 8 would’ve been way better if the second dragon was killed during the battle at King’s Landing. Daenerys would’ve gone mad while looking at his corpse.”

This may need given Daenerys’ villainous flip some higher motivation than what she was given. On the flip facet, nevertheless, it might have been yet one more factor to maintain monitor of in an already very packed episode, and, extra to the purpose, having Rhaegal on her facet would, in all chance, have led to King’s Landing surrendering, no matter Cersei needed to say.

The Dragons Were The Only Interesting Part Of Daenerys’ Story

Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke) riding Drogon in the Game of Thrones episode The Dance Of Dragons (S5E9)

Though some consider that Daenerys is likely one of the greatest Game of Thrones characters others, akin to Pandaraama, suppose that she is sort of boring. From their perspective, the dragons have been the one factor that made her in any respect fascinating or price watching.

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While the dragons have been definitely a fantastic a part of the Daenerys’ story, this assertion grossly undersells what she was doing and the way thrilling her narrative was. She is, in any case, a rare younger girl who overcame unspeakable obstacles and horrendous abuse by the hands of many in her life to change into the conqueror and savior of Westeros. To declare in any other case merely flies within the face of the sequence because it has been introduced.

Dragons Necessitated Daenerys Villainy

Daenerys Targaryen looking emotional while smoke blows behind her in Game of Thrones.

Given how highly effective dragons are, they’ve at all times performed a key function within the Targaryens’ reign, and so they assist to clarify why the royal home is likely one of the strongest homes in Westeros. However, as Evolving_Dore writes, in addition they set the stage for Daenerys’ eventual decline into villainy.

It is, certainly, tempting to see this as a causal rationalization for why she ended up the best way she did. However, that is, on the entire, a far too simplistic rationalization for why she turned the very particular person she had so lengthy fought in opposition to changing into.

They Only Exist So A Bad Ruler Can Rule

Drogon perched on a flaming building

There are many notable Targaryens, but it surely needs to be mentioned that, as a dynasty, they do have greater than their justifiable share of unhealthy rulers. In the views of some Redditors, the one cause Daenerys might command loyalty was due to her dragons. T-reptar, for instance, writes that “She’s proven to be a terrible leader who can only control people out of fear of being eaten by dragons. If she makes it across the sea all those ex slaves will probably just be slaves again.”

From this perspective, dragons are a handy excuse for unhealthy individuals to do unhealthy issues. In actuality, although, they’re excess of that. They are, in reality, intrinsically tied as much as the return of magic to this world. Moreover, it’s greater than slightly reductive to argue that their presence is the one cause that Daenerys might command loyalty, provided that she has already proven herself to be a frontrunner of uncommon imaginative and prescient.

The Dragons Are Boring

Jon facing Drogon for the first time

Though they’re a key a part of the motion of Game of Thrones–notably in the case of Daenerys’ storylines–some Redditors didn’t like this specific side of the story. 208327 writes merely: “I don’t care about the Wall or dragons either.”

This is, it have to be mentioned, a quite baffling opinion for somebody to have. While definitely, the politics are a really fascinating element of the story in Game of Thrones, it’s inconceivable to think about the sequence having the dramatic chunk it possesses with out both the dragons or the Wall. These two components add better weight to the political storylines.

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