Game of Thrones: Here’s Why Shae Betrayed Tyrion For Tywin


In Game of Thrones Shae was thought to have liked Tyrion Lannister till she betrayed him for his manipulative father, Tywin. But why did Shae betray Tyrion? Shae served as Sansa Stark’s handmaiden whereas dwelling in King’s Landing, however her connection to Sansa solely added to her paranoia when it got here to trusting Tyrion. Tywin caught wind of Tyrion and Shae’s relationship, complicating issues by forcing his youngest son into a wedding with Sansa. Tyrion had no alternative however to comply with by with the association, regardless of having no romantic emotions towards Sansa. A Shae Game of Thrones assassination appeared more and more doubtless, so Tyrion determined it was finest to ship the love of his life away. To guarantee she left, Tyrion labeled Shae a “whore” earlier than guaranteeing that she boarded a ship to go away.


Shortly after Shae’s departure, Tyrion was placed on trial for the homicide of his nephew, Joffrey Baratheon. To his shock, in Game of Thrones Shae appeared as the ultimate witness for the crown, claiming that Tyrion kidnapped her and compelled her to grow to be his mistress. Shae then falsely accused Tyrion and Sansa of secretly plotting Joffrey’s homicide. While it was clear that Tywin and the remainder of the Lannisters made a cope with the Game of Thrones Shae character, she did not anticipate Tyrion to order a trial by fight. By the top of season 4, Tyrion broke free from captivity with the intent of confronting his father. Upon his arrival at Tywin’s chambers, Tyrion discovered his love within the man’s mattress. The two had a scuffle earlier than Tyrion strangled Shae. While Game of Thrones’ Shae’s servitude as a prostitute was at all times recognized, her betrayal went deeper when it got here to the 2 Lannister males. So, why did Shae betray Tyrion?

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Shae’s Trust Issues Brought Upon Her Downfall In Game Of Thrones

The Tyrion and Shae Game of Thrones confirmed how deeply and genuinely he liked her, however he was conscious that it might take loads for her to agree to go away King’s Landing. To preserve her secure, he lower deep, calling her a “whore” as a result of he knew it might upset her. In actuality, he fractured the connection within the hope that she would go away. The plan labored, however sadly, Shae by no means absolutely understood Tyrion’s intent. Her damage emotions ultimately remodeled into anger, which made it simple for the Lannisters to discount for her return to function a faux witness. Rather than confront Tyrion instantly, she retaliated by becoming a member of Tywin’s aspect, understanding that it might enormously have an effect on Tyrion’s mindset.

There was additionally Game of Thrones’ Shae’s monumental quantity of jealousy when it got here to Tyrion Lannister and Winterfell’s Sansa. Though Tyrion made it clear that his relationship with Sansa was strictly platonic, Shae struggled with the notion of their marriage. There was little doubt that Tyrion and Sansa had a novel bond, however Shae could not overcome the association. With the growing belief points and apparent insecurities, Shae knew that by aligning with the remainder of the household, she would crush Tyrion. Having an affair with Tywin was simply the cherry on high of the horror that Tyrion confronted. Shae’s Game of Thrones betrayal, after all, ended up setting off a series of occasions that in the end led to Tywin’s demise and Tyrion’s separation from House Lannister.

Did Shae Love Tyrion?

In Game of Thrones Shae actually did love Tyrion, regardless of his perception on the contrary ultimately. If she did not have any romantic emotions towards Tyrion, Shae would not have grow to be jealous of his relationship with Sansa. She additionally would not have been so damage after he referred to as her a whore and tried to ship her away from King’s Landing if Tyrion’s love for her wasn’t reciprocal. In some ways, Shae was trapped between a rock and a tough place, however there was little doubt of the eagerness, love, and adoration she felt for Tyrion at the start went south. Shae’s love for Tyrion, and vice versa, is why the Game of Thrones season 4 finale is so tough to observe.

Why Shae Was Working For Tywin

Shae standing in front of a door in Game of Thrones

Shae wished to harm Tyrion after what he did. If Tyrion instructed her the reality about why he wished her to go away King’s Landing, it is doable the accusations in opposition to him and his trial may have been prevented. Like Tyrion, Shae was in the end searching for her personal pursuits and making an attempt to outlive in a world the place she had little affect. From her perspective, that meant betraying Tyrion for, from her perspective, forcing her out of King’s Landing to flee the 7 Kingdoms when she did not need to go. What’s extra, Tywin had his fingers in all issues, and Shae knew how a lot Tyrion hated his father. What higher approach to get again at her former lover than to strike a cope with Tywin? Shae was put in a state of affairs that made it laborious for her future; she additionally did not need to quit the meager privileges she had amassed throughout her time in King’s Landing. Allying with Tywin was maybe the one manner ahead for her in Game of Thrones, particularly if she may now not be with Tyrion attributable to his association with the long run Queen within the North, Sansa.

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Shae Books Vs. Show: The Main Difference Explained

Like all characters in Game of Thrones, Shae within the HBO present is completely different than Shae in George R.R. Martin’s novels, with the important thing distinction between the 2 being their true emotions in the direction of Tyrion Lannister. Shae in TV’s Game of Thrones clearly has some form of emotions for Tyrion. She loves him (or will get as near loving him as is feasible in a present like Game of Thrones), and her ending up with Tywin is an act of spite and jealousy. It’s not callous or chilly; it is finished with deliberate intent. The line between love and hate is skinny, in spite of everything, and Shae going to such lengths to harm Tyrion so deeply means that, at one level, her affection was real.

This is not the case with Shae within the Game of Thrones novels. On the night time of her demise in A Storm of Swords, Shae is disillusioned greater than anything when Tyrion finds her in mattress with Tywin. She claims that she had been overpowered by Tywin and blackmailed by Cersei, however the astute and observant Tyrion does not consider it and strangles her with a gold chain (one he’d beforehand worn whereas the Hand of the King, the one factor Shae had been carrying). Shae within the books is portrayed as opportunistic and in the end self-serving, with the book-Tyrion’s doubts about their relationship a theme all through her time with him. This is starkly completely different than their relationship in Game of Thrones, wherein Shae is a supply of real achievement for Tyrion and her betrayal/demise powerfully symbolizes the final word futility of aspiring for happiness whereas seeing out life as a resident of Westeros.

Game Of Thrones Didn’t Know How To Handle Shae

Shae looking intently with a serious expression in Game of Thrones.

The Shae Game of Thrones character virtually felt as if she was being dealt with by completely different administrators, as a result of her arc was in all places. Throughout her quick time on the present, it was usually obscure what Shae’s motivations have been and the way she really felt about Tyrion. The argument may very well be made that it is because she’s a posh and complex character. However, this does not actually appear to be the case, given how surprising her betrayal was. Shae instantly showing on Tywin Lannisters aspect to testify in opposition to her former lover, mendacity by her tooth about how she was kidnapped, felt so in contrast to Shae that the second was notably criticized by viewers on the time.

No one noticed Shae’s betrayal coming, and is partially due to how Game of Thrones dealt with the character. If Shae had been portrayed as her character truly was within the books, her betrayal would’ve made way more sense since she’s presupposed to be chilly and self-serving. However, Game of Thrones determined to not go that route, making Shae’s betrayal one of many many surprising twists of the sequence. When Shae first appeared she was caring and insightful — in addition to Tyrion’s mental match when it got here to understanding how folks tick. The reality she did not see Tyrion’s true intentions, and that she went to such lengths to fallacious him in form for his “betrayal”, do not feel like they aligned with the Shae Game of Thrones launched viewers to in season 1.

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