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Updated Dec 8, 2022 4:21 PM

If you want to bring real cheer and reduce waste this holiday season, give presents your loved ones will actually use and cherish. Grant them permission to be a real hedonist. Below are gifts that’ll encourage your friends to engage in a little self-care, whether it be some retail therapy or a simple bubble bath.

Best hairstyler: Dyson Airwrap

Get salon-worthy hair every day with the revamped Dyson Airwrap, which was re-engineered with Coanda airflow for greater control, faster drying, and easier styling. We’ve tested this TikTok fan favorite, and it’s well worth the price. Six attachments let you dry, curl, and coif hair sans-major damage compared to other stylers. We’re personally huge fans of the round volumizing brush attachment, which gives shampoo commercial-worthy volume and bouncy, smooth hair.

Best for binge-watchers: There’s Always Money in The Banana Stand Graphic Tee

Cozy clothing and accessories keep you and your friends company during their next Friendscomfort binge.” You may not get any extra cash this holiday season, but there’s always money in the banana stand, especially if you gift this Arrested Development T-shirt. And, this Netflix wall art is a perfect gift for a certain someone who is allegiant to the streaming giant.

Best for chefs: Molecule-R Cuisine R-Evolution

For your friend whose version of porn means sitting on the couch with a tub of Crème fraîche and a loaf of French bread while bingeing episodes of the Great British Bake-off: their own molecular gastronomy kit, which combines cooking with science.

Best for those with a sweet tooth: Edoughbles

For your bougie friend who has eaten at every restaurant on Chef’s Table, but still licks the beaters: edible cookie dough that’s egg-free, doesn’t use raw flour, cuts out chemical leaveners, and comes in more than 18 different flavors. Even Mom would let them eat it.

Best handheld vaporizer: DaVinci IQ2 vaporizer

For your friend who loves consuming dried herbs and “herbal extracts”: the brushed-aluminum DaVinci IQ2 vaporizer has adjustable temperature settings, adjustable airflow resistance, and a mouthpiece that allows for a cleaner and purer taste. It will tell you when you’ve achieved your chosen limit. The ceramic oven area doesn’t burn the dried herbs and the zirconia vapor path provides a cooler vapor other devices on the market. The IQ2 weighs only 5.6-ounces and has a ten-year warranty. The vaporizer also comes with a ton of extra goodies like a charging cable, cleaning supplies, and a carrying case. Check out our other favorite cannabis accessories to gift.

Best to luxe up the kitchen: Kül Spark

If you’re shopping for someone who’s *really* into health and hydration, throw caution to the wind and get them the Kül Spark. The $1,500 water purification system can be hooked up to their plumbing and create cold, hot, ambient (room temperature), or sparkling water free of over 80 contaminants. Don’t worry, there’s also the option to use a refillable water tank. We’ve tried the Kül Spark for ourselves, and the difference in taste is real. The Kül Spark’s ability to dial in the perfect temperature is equally impressive. A touch-sensitive control panel on the right-hand side of the machine makes it easy to choose which type of beverage you’d like to make, or change certain settings. You can even see stats like how long it’s been since you’ve changed your filter, or how full your CO2 cartridges are. Yes it’s luxe, but the Kül Spark is an incredibly generous gift for anyone who’s overly confident that their kitchen or home office has “everything.”

Best for home office: Vestaboard Smart Messaging Display

We’ve never seen anything quite like the Vestaboard, which perfectly typifies the concept of ambient computing. The internet-connected smart board is made up of 132 “bits,” which flip to reveal different characters or colors. You can send messages to the Vestaboard through the company’s app, which is intuitive to use and comes pre-loaded with a few quotes and color patterns to show you its potential. A paid service called Vestaboard+ allows you to use applications to use the board in creative ways, like displaying the current song you’re listening to through a streaming service, current sports scores, or playing a word game. This is the ideal indulgent gift for someone who spends a lot of time in their home office, or wants a fancy family bulletin board in their living room. Vestaboard owners can grant other people access to their board, which will allow friends and family to send messages to it. The Vestaboard is a unique canvas for people to display meaningful quotes, words of encouragement, or mini works of art. We guarantee the person you gift it to won’t have seen anything like it.

Best bubble bath: Dr. Teal’s Epsom Salt Soaking Solution and Foaming Bath

You don’t need to spend big bucks to get a luxurious, fluffy, relaxing bubble bath. This set from Dr. Teal’s includes a bag of Epsom salt to relax your muscles and is in a lavender-scent to relax your mind. The additional foaming bath solution can be used with the salt or by itself.

Best sauna blanket: Sun Home Sauna Infrared Sauna Blanket

Surround yourself in a warm cocoon—and bring the spa experience to your living room—with this sauna blanket, which we included in our best portable saunas story. This jazzy sleeping bag-like blanket is easy to use: Temperature settings range from 35-75℃, and time settings range from 30-60 minutes. Pre-heat time only takes around 15 minutes. The industrial-grade Velcro keeps the heat in and feels sturdy to the touch. However, the blanket is easy to open—making cleaning a breeze. And, its large interior circumference will make you feel cozy—not constricted. When you’re done using it, simply pack it away in the included carrying case.

Best candle: Thymes Pine Needle Frasier Fir Candle

Are you gifting to someone who loves the great outdoors and often fantasizes about dropping all of their earthly possessions to live in the woods? Gift them this pine tree candle to bring a tall, crisp Frasier fir into their home with this luxurious candle from Thymes. And, its 45-hour burn time gives them less of a candle commitment compared to other candles.

Best for musicians: Rhodes Chroma + Midi CC+ (Fully overhauled)

All music gearheads will recognize this rare analog synthesizer from the 80s. Only 3,000 were made—and today are re-sold in varying conditions—which makes this refurbished, mint-condition piece from Reverb a grail. All you need is a legal copy of Ableton, a couple hundred square feet, a bunch of mics and recording equipment, and this SSL mixing desk, and you have the startings of a professional studio.

Best hot tub: Coleman SaluSpa Inflatable Hot Tub

You don’t need to shell out thousands of dollars for an opulent hot tub experience. This inflatable hot tub from Coleman includes a heated water system, bubble jets, and fits up to four people. Plus, it’s easy to set-up and move around, thanks to its handles and compact form once deflating.

Best CBD prerolls: A pack of Bogarts by Bogart

If you want to chill out legally, check out these CBD prerolls from Bogart, a Hudson Valley, New York-based company. Each pack includes five .6g hemp prerolls rolled in unbleached flax paper and hollow-tip filters. Best of all, they’re under $30.

Best for achy muscles: Susan’s Own Full Spectrum CBD Muscle Balm

This easy-to-use balm is packed with 3,000 mg of Full Spectrum CBD, meaning it can tackle even the nastiest of shoulder knots. And, its stick format means application is generally less messy than its potted counterparts. Plus, it’s third-party lab tested for peace of mind that you’re getting what you paid for.

Best percussion massager: TheraGun Pro

If you’re shopping for a stressed person and their muscles need to be pummeled into relaxation, gift them the Theragun Pro. It has an effective professional-grade motor that works quietly. Four unique arm positions allow you to go underneath and around to reach wherever you need, and the ergonomic handle means your hands and wrists won’t get tired. The Theragun Pro also has five speeds between 1,750 and 2,400 ppms. Two swappable batteries each last up to 150 minutes and can charge wirelessly. The device includes six attachments: supersoft, dampener, standard ball, wedge, thumb, and cone. The included carrying case makes it simple to lug the whole kit on a trip or to the gym.

Best blanket: BEDSURE Faux Fur Throw Blanket

One side of soft, cozy sherpa fleece and another side of high-grade faux fur equals one darn great blanket. Throw it on a bed, or relegate it to the couch for marathon television watching. It won’t shed or leave lint everywhere like similar blankets and comes in multiple sizes. Our commerce writer owns this blanket, and it’s a favorite in the house—they find themselves fighting with the cat over who gets to use it.


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