‘God of War Ragnarok’: How to improve Draupnir


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Warning: This article comprises spoilers for late-game parts of God of War Ragnarok.

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Go the place the wind blows.

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In the 2018 God of War reboot, Kratos ended the sport with two candy weapons: the frosty Leviathan Ax and the scorching Blades of Chaos. In the not too long ago launched sequel God of War Ragnarok, he ultimately winds up with a 3rd weapon referred to as Draupnir, a wind-based spear that’s significantly enjoyable to make use of due to its excessive pace and lengthy vary capabilities.

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The solely peculiar factor about Draupnir is that it’s weirdly tough to search out the gadgets you should improve the weapon. Instead of banging your head in opposition to the Norse mythology-inspired wall, enable me to clear up Draupnir’s unusual improve path for you.

How to search out Gale Flames to improve Draupnir in God of War Ragnarok

Just like the opposite two weapons, Draupnir’s ability tree doesn’t absolutely open up till you improve the weapon to a sure stage. In this case, you should hit stage 7 to unlock all of its talents. You can preserve going as much as stage 9, however all that does is beef up its base stats. In order to stage up the spear, you want gadgets referred to as Gale Flames. One Gale Flame equals one stage.

This is hard as a result of Ragnarok doesn’t simply dole out Gale Flames on the identical tempo it doles out improve gadgets for the opposite two weapons. You’ll get one in all them late in the primary story (if you battle the 2 valkyries in Muspelheim), however you’ll want at the least another to hit stage 7 with the spear. Here’s the place to look.

berserker buddies

Be ready for ache. Credit: PlayStation

To begin, quick journey to the realm often called The Applecore in Svartalfheim, however solely after you’ve gotten the sword hilt that unlocks the late-game Berserker Gravestones facet quest. You’ll see a headstone icon in your map close to the middle of the Jarnsmida Pitmines space close by.

This will begin a battle in opposition to not one, however two pissed-off berserker homies. I’m not going to lie: It could also be finest to carry off on this one till after you’ve completed the primary story. These guys are jerks and solely a sufficiently leveled-up and geared-up Kratos will come out on prime. Thankfully, you really don’t must battle these guys in case you simply need to unlock the whole Draupnir ability tree. Go forward and skip this one in case you’d like.

wispy mischief

Stop it! Credit: PlayStation

This subsequent one is far simpler and can take us to the nice jungles of Vanaheim.

Fast journey to the Eastern Plains space of ​​the map after you’ve unlocked the flexibility to go to the Crater and change from day to nighttime in Vanaheim. Use the pedestal proper subsequent to the quick journey level to make it nighttime and look out into the plains on to the west of it.

You ought to see some glowing wisps which can be violently feeding on the native wildlife. There are three in complete and so they’re all fairly shut to one another. Use the Blades of Chaos to extract the three wisps from the animals and prepare for a battle. A quest waypoint will information you to a round plate in the midst of the realm, which is able to spawn a Flame Phantom miniboss.

By this level, you’ve fought at the least one in all these guys earlier than. Be affected person and hit the glowing orb when it’s susceptible. Once the Phantom’s stun meter fills up, go destroy one of many close by glowing monoliths, which is able to take an enormous chunk out of its well being bar. These are extremely seen within the nighttime, so that you shouldn’t have any bother discovering them. The solely caveat is that you just’ll must throw your spear at a few them as a result of they’ll be out of melee vary, however that’s not an issue.

Do that a couple of occasions and the boss will go down with out a lot bother. He drops a Gale Flame, thus bringing you nearer to glory.

Plucking worms from portals

Stick your fist in there for good luck. Credit: PlayStation

Lastly, after you get the spear, communicate to Ratatoskr close to Sindri’s home to get a facet quest to retrieve some wayward worms hiding out in Yggdrasil portals all through the 9 realms. This one is easy: Find all six worms and also you’ll get a Gale Flame.

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These portals present up in your map as little swirly icons. I’ll go away the worm-hunting to you, however simply know that there are 4 in Svartalfheim alone, with the opposite two hiding out in Vanaheim. They’re actually not exhausting to search out and also you don’t even must battle any tough enemies or do something to catch them. It’s so simple as strolling as much as a portal and urgent a button.

I’m certain a few of these facet actions sound annoying, however the good news is that you just solely must do one in all them (on prime of the Gale Flame you get from the primary story) to unlock the total Draupnir ability tree. Happy searching, players.


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