Google updates Search and Shopping for the holidays


With the holidays fast approaching, many of us are going to spend far too much time online shopping for gifts and searching for recipes in the coming weeks. Google is clearly aware of this, which might explain why Search and Shopping are getting timely updates this week to make the holiday season a bit less stressful.

Google Search adds two new features

The first of the two new features now available on Google Search is called “multisearch near me.” Google introduced multisearch earlier this year, which takes advantage of Google Lens to give users the ability to search using text and images at the same time.

With “multisearch near me,” users can take a picture or capture a screenshot of an item and then add “near me” to the search to find a store that sells the item nearby. If you spot a dish or a serving tray at friend’s house that you’d love to have at your Friendsgiving celebration, just snap a picture and use the new feature to find it.

The second feature will be especially useful for anyone traveling or hosting guests over the holidays. Let’s say your guests want to eat a specific dish, but you don’t know where to find it in your hometown. You can now search for that dish, whatever it may be, and Google will show you all of the restaurants in your area that serve it.

As for shopping with Google, the company thinks a few new AR features might improve your experience. First up is a feature that makes it easier to find a foundation shade that will match your skin. Google has a photo library of “148 models representing a diverse spectrum of skin tones, ages, genders, face shapes, ethnicities and skin types.” When you search for foundation, you can see what it looks like on models with similar skin tones to you.

Google is also now letting consumers shop for shoes in AR. You can place an AR copy of the shoes in the room with you and see them from any angle you want. You can change the color, laces, tread, and sole as well. Brands such as Saucony, VANS, and Merrell are already on board with the new feature, and more will join soon.

Finally, Google Maps also got a few notable updates today, in case you missed it.


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