Hailey Bieber Skincare Company Sued By Business Holding Same Name


Hailey Bieber and her new skincare line are already in court over a trademark infringement.

A fashion line with the same name is suing Bieber‘s skincare company for trademark infringement.

According to legal documents acquired by TMZ, a clothing firm called Rhode NYC are saying that Hailey and her company, Rhode, which is derived from her middle name, could easily quash the efforts of building their new company. Phoebe Vickers is the owner of the RHODE trademark and allegedly refused to sell it to Hailey and her associates.

Rhode NYC was created in 2013 and in their legal proceedings are claiming that the emblem for the word Rhode is similar to their own branding. In their filing they believe that Bieber‘s public figure status is the main reason why her business is successful.

Another reason for their legal action has been due to social media users wrongly tagging their social media accounts, suggesting to Rhode NYC that there is a clear confusion element from consumers.

It’s believed that Hailey does own the trademark for her skincare company and that Rhode NYC own their trademark under a clothing company category.

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