Harry Potter: 10 Memes That Perfectly Sum Up Hagrid As A Character

With the continued controversy surrounding Harry Potter creator J.Okay. Rowling, many followers are doing what they’ll to distance themselves from her beliefs whereas concurrently staying true to the franchise. It’s actually a tough place to be in for Potterheads, however thankfully, the wizarding world is a wealthy one with redeeming characters which might be straightforward to like.

One such character is Hagrid, whose persona and selfless methods have made him some of the beloved characters in the whole collection. Over the years, the depth of Hagrid’s character has been constantly analyzed, primarily as a result of he is repeatedly been written off as a goofy secondary character who’s all too usually absent at key moments. The reality of the matter, nevertheless, is that there is a lot to Hagrid to understand and the way he handles himself offers key insights into his nature.


10 Not So Clear On The Wizarding World’s Shock Factor

In the Harry Potter franchise, what readers and audiences rapidly come to be taught is that for wizards and witches, magic is fully regular and never in the least surprising. This is totally emphasised when Hagrid involves take Harry away to buy his upcoming 12 months at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardy.

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However, whereas most wizards and witches can tone down their conduct within the Muggle world, Hagrid isn’t fairly on that very same degree. The depth with which he involves “pick up” Harry from the Dursleys is perhaps barely justified, but it surely’s nonetheless performed in his usually heavy-handed but harmless manner – oblivious to only how surprising it’s to Muggles.

9 Fantastic Beasts Are Where It’s At

One of the various the explanation why the wizarding world is so endlessly fascinating is because of all of the imaginative and fantastical non-human creatures that inhabit it. As Hogwarts’ groundskeeper and the Care of Magical Creatures professor, he commonly had the chance to showcase his love for all unbelievable beasts, huge and small.

Unfortunately, Hagrid’s love for these creatures wasn’t all the time balanced with one of the best judgment. The proven fact that he understood creatures that had been usually harmful meant that he developed a degree of consolation that few others had. Because of this, his mild demeanor was usually at odds with a degree of irresponsibility that even Harry and his buddies had been leery of.

8 Never Afraid Of Standing Up To His Enemies

There are quite a few variations between how Hagrid was portrayed within the unique Harry Potter novels and what was finally tailored into the eight movies. One such distinction was how keen he was to bodily battle enemies when obligatory.

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While it’s inaccurate to counsel that Hagrid was passive or boring within the movies, this meme does spotlight an vital distinction. He’s all the time keen to place his life on the road for his buddies, however within the movies, this isn’t performed by bodily combating. The reality stays, nevertheless, that Hagrid’s battles are largely unseen within the movies, in contrast to within the books.

7 Crazy Creatures Are His Weakness

It’s unattainable to debate Hagrid’s love for unbelievable beasts with out mentioning his very particular love for unusual and obscure creatures. Unfortunately, this love doesn’t all the time translate to completely authorized pursuits – just like the time he bred manticores and fireplace crabs for enjoyable.

It does appear opposite for Hagrid to concern breaking the legislation over the potential of ending up in Azkaban solely to illegally breed manticores and fireplace crabs. But that’s Hagrid. He merely can’t resist exploring the world of unbelievable beasts as a result of finally, he’s a form and delicate soul whose appreciation of life is aware of no bounds.

6 He Should Not Have Said That

Because of Hagrid’s shut friendship with Hogwarts headmaster Albus Dumbledore, Hagrid is aware about many issues that different Hogwarts workers aren’t. Unfortunately, Hagrid isn’t all the time one of the best at conserving issues to himself, as evidenced by his unintended tricks to Harry, Hermione, and Ron relating to the Philosopher’s Stone.

When it involves categorised data, Hagrid usually speaks earlier than pondering. This results in on the spot remorse, as seen within the above meme. It’s a very harmless facet of his character and perception into how, deep down, what Hagrid needs is to be appreciated and to please his buddies and allies. As a consequence, it’s onerous to fault him as a result of he’s simply plain loveable.

5 Upfront With His Friends

While Hagrid may not be one of the best at conserving secrets and techniques from his buddies, he maintains a comparatively reserved persona among the many workers and college students at Hogwarts. Only when he’s along with his closest buddies does he communicate earnestly and when he does, there’s no telling what he would possibly reveal.

Indeed, Hagrid’s earnestness may not all the time be right – like when he believes that Fluffy is sufficient to maintain the Philosopher’s Stone protected. But the way in which that he says simply what he thinks to Harry, Hermione, and Ron is a facet of Hagrid that he’s usually adept at hiding. This might very effectively be as a result of he’s spent a lot of his life as one thing of an outcast.

4 All Kinds Of Secrecy

Hagrid’s position within the Harry Potter franchise is a misleading one. For essentially the most half, he’s made to seem because the pleasant Hogwarts groundskeeper who’s an excellent buddy of Harry, Ron, and Hermione. The reality, nevertheless, is that there’s far more to him than meets the attention.

Throughout the whole collection, Hagrid undertakes quite a lot of missions and duties that assist to find out the eventual destiny of the wizarding world. He may not be one of the best at conserving secrets and techniques, however that doesn’t imply he’s revealing every part he does. There’s quite a lot of thriller behind the half-giant’s persona and the work he does.

3 Loyalty Is Paramount

Hagrid has his faults like some other character, however one factor he constantly makes clear straight from the beginning is that Albus Dumbledore means the world to him. This is probably going resulting from a mixture of things, the obvious of which is that it was Dumbledore who gave Hagrid the groundskeeper position at Hogwarts.

As Hagrid states in The Philosopher’s Stone, “Never insult Albus Dumbledore in front of me.” It’s a press release that he really means, and it’s a testomony to how loyal Hagrid is towards the folks he cares about. Taking exception to any unfavorable speak of Dumbledore is likely one of the few instances that followers ever see Hagrid get notably heated.

2 A Half-Giant With A Giant Heart

As Harry Potter followers know, Hagrid’s father was a human large and his mom was a giantess, making him half-giant. While the books describe him as giant regardless of solely having half-giant genes, the movies do an awesome job of exhibiting simply how huge he’s compared to on a regular basis gadgets like teapots, and handkerchiefs (and smaller Hogwarts professors).

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Size could also be a bodily attribute somewhat than a characterization of who Hagrid is, however in truth being a half-giant has performed a serious position in his persona. There’s no scarcity of discrimination in opposition to giants within the wizarding world, and Hagrid has struggled with the truth that he’s who’s, earlier than finally accepting it and being pleased with his roots.

1 A Look That’s Entirely His Own

From the primary second that Harry Potter audiences had been launched to Hagrid, it was clear that he was in contrast to some other character within the wizarding world. There are ample causes for this, after all, however to place it fairly plainly, with out his beard and hair he simply wouldn’t have the identical impression.

It could also be a wild and unkempt look, however Hagrid’s beard and hair communicate to a higher reality concerning the beloved character: he’s distinctive in each manner and he’s not taken with altering for anybody. That quiet confidence is fully admirable and helps outline not solely his persona but additionally helps him to understand the individuality of others.

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