Helicopter crash near Kyiv kills 18, including Ukraine’s interior minister


Kyiv. A helicopter crashed near the Ukrainian capital Kyiv, killing 18 people, including the country’s interior minister and three children. Ukrainian authorities provided this information. Ukrainian National Police Chief Ihor Klimenko said that Interior Minister Denis Monastirsky, Deputy Interior Minister Evgen Yesenin and Interior Minister Yuri Lubkovich died in the accident. Ukraine has been facing Russian aggression for over 11 months.

Monastirski is the highest-ranking minister who lost his life during this period. Kremenko said an emergency services helicopter crashed in Kyiv’s eastern suburb of Brobari. Of the people who lost their lives, nine were in the helicopter. It is not yet clear whether it was an accident or the result of a Russian-style attack. There have been no recent riots in Kyiv.

A total of 29 people, including 15 children, were injured, the local governor said. Meanwhile, Ukrainian First Lady Olena Zelensky, who arrived in Davos, Switzerland to attend a session of the World Economic Forum, looked emotional after receiving the news. A 15-second silence was requested after the session began in honor of the Ukrainian officer who lost his life in the accident.

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