Here’s ‘Doom’ operating on Windows Notepad in some way


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A developer has made Doom run in Windows Notepad, the bare-bones textual content editor that was completely not designed to run video video games. Humankind’s hubris continues to twist the pure order, accumulating a debt that should someday come due.

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Sam Chiet shared his achievement on Twitter, posting a video of Doom operating on Notepad at 60 frames per second in fuzzy black and white ASCII artwork. According to Chiet, the footage has not been sped up, and Notepad’s code has not been modified or tampered with.

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“this is fully playable interactive live, zero fakery. This is exactly what it looks like,” he wrote.

“Finally, I created the ideal way to play. you’re welcome.”

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Tweet might have been deleted (opens in a brand new tab)

Chiet isn’t any stranger to using his coding powers for foolish software program shenanigans. The self-proclaimed “idea goblin/experiment-creator” Previously launched Desktop Goose — an avian desktop menace whose sole goal is to steal your cursor, wreck your life, and look lovable whereas doing it.

Fortunately for anybody who desires of taking part in an early ’90s first-person shooter completely in ASCII artwork themselves, Chiet is at present engaged on making Notepad Doom appropriate to be unleashed upon the broader public.

“it’ll take some work to polish NotepadDOOM into something releasable, but it’ll almost certainly happen over the next couple days,” Chiet tweeted.

Released in 1993, Doom is a first-person shooter initially developed by id Software for the now historic working system MS-DOS. This basic recreation doesn’t take a lot to run by at this time’s requirements, with computer systems, video games, and graphics having considerably developed since its launch nearly 30 years in the past.

Getting Doom to run on unconventional platforms has thus change into an ongoing memewith tech-savvy chaos gremlins getting it to work on every thing from a MacBook Pro Touch Bar, to a NordicTrack treadmill, to a John Deere tractor, to a digital being pregnant take a look at. They’ve even Inception-ed Doom to run on a virtual computer in Minecraft.

Now Windows Notepad will be added to the lengthy, bizarre checklist of issues that run Doom. Though whether or not anybody’s eyes can parse the ASCII artwork lengthy sufficient to complete the sport is one other matter.


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