House of the Dragon: Why Alicent Misinterpreting Viserys’ Words Spells Doom for the Targaryens


Big mistake. Big. Huge.

All the way in which again in episode one ‘The Heirs of the Dragon’, Viserys let Rhaenyra in on a royal household secret. Their ancestor Aegon the Conqueror had a prophetic dream he named ‘the Song of Ice and Fire’. It spoke of an ideal winter coming in the future to destroy the world of the residing. All Westeros should come collectively towards it, dominated by a Targaryen king or queen descended from his blood “strong enough to unite the realm against the cold and the dark.” That king or queen is “the prince/ss that was promised.” Aegon the Conqueror’s ‘song’ was magically embedded within the blade of the Valyrian metal dagger Viserys wears all through House of the Dragon, and which is by his bedside in his ultimate moments.

In episode eight, Viserys’ inheritor Rhaenyra had come to ask him to guard his grandson’s declare to Driftmark (through their ‘father’ Ser Laenor Velaryon, whose uncle was contesting the succession). Rhaenyra additionally confessed that she doubted whether or not she had the energy to succeed her father on the throne. She requested Viserys if he believed that Aegon the Conqueror’s dream was actually true, and that she can be the one to fulfil it. Viserys answered her query, however too late, and in his opiated confusion, talking to the unsuitable lady.

Queen Alicent having no information of the Targaryen prophecy handed down from royal inheritor to inheritor, didn’t perceive Viserys when he – pondering he was speaking to Rhaenyra – mentioned that sure, he believed Aegon’s track was true and sure, she can be the one to unite the kingdoms towards the approaching darkness. “The prince that was promised, it is you, you are the one, you must do this,” he mentioned to Alicent. She appeared to understand solely the phrases “Aegon”, “Prince” and “You must do this”, and interpreted them to imply that Viserys wished their baby Aegon (a wastrel rapist she’d earlier referred to as no son of hers) to inherit the Iron Throne as an alternative of his sworn inheritor, Rhaenyra.

“I understand, my King,” mentioned Alicent, when she completely didn’t. Now, by no fault of her personal (the TV sequence clears Alicent’s title in a means that Fire & Blood‘s ‘she poisoned him’ rumors don’t), Queen Alicent wrongly believes that King Viserys’ dying want was that Prince Aegon be topped Ruler of the Seven Kingdoms. Viserys’ actual dying want, in fact, was for Princess Rhaenyra to take the throne. It’s fairly the mess, and very regrettable after Viserys made such a sterling effort to unite his clan and encourage them to overlook the quarrels of their previous.

For the romantics amongst us, Viserys’ ultimate final phrases had nothing to do with any number of Aegon, prophecy or throne. As the display screen went to black and he took his final breath, we heard him say merely “My love”, as if in greeting. Who would he handle as such? His first spouse Queen Aemma, absolutely, within the Game of Thrones afterlife.


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