How a digital frontline workplace can help you boost efficiency

To be as efficient as humanly possible. What company doesn’t strive for this? Especially since working efficiently impacts all levels of an organisation, including workforce morale, productivity, and the big one: the bottom line.

Here’s an interesting fact, and what makes it interesting is its contradiction: To be “as efficient as humanly possible” we need technology.

The power of technology for improving efficiency stems from its ability to orchestrate a company’s entire mission and purpose. Or, as the French so eloquently say, an organisation’s raison d’etre. With the right technology in place, suddenly every aspect of a company is in flow, from processes and procedures to systems and teams. 

And what drives every aspect of your business? Humans. 

Equip your workforce with the right technology and suddenly you, or rather your brand, becomes a powerhouse with the ability to forge ahead of the competition and even lead an entire industry. Working “as efficient as humanly possible” is a game-changer.

So how can technology help you revolutionise your frontline and boost efficiency? Keep reading. We have a few suggestions.

Communicate directly with your frontline

As we know, many frontline workers are “deskless.” They’re either on their feet in customer-facing roles or they’re on the floor, operating specialised equipment. Most often, they don’t have access to company email during their shift. What’s even worse, they’re not kept in the loop of internal changes in procedures.

That said, almost everyone has a personal device that they keep on them at all times. By integrating an app such as WorkJam’s digital frontline workplace, you can quickly and easily send a message out either to your entire organisation or to a targeted few for relevancy.

Give your frontline the power to manage their own shifts

Balancing work with life is a big topic these days. Your frontline workers are committed to their job-related responsibilities, but they also have other obligations.

WorkJam provides frontline workers with the opportunity to both swap shifts and take on more shifts, whether at their home location or other locations. Another beneficial aspect of this key benefit is that managers are relieved from daunting scheduling tasks. 

Provide your frontline with an opportunity to upskill 

The opportunity to learn and grow a workforce’s knowledge base is an exciting one for anyone. Yet, there are only so many hours in a day. As an employer, if you can provide your workforce with a way to learn during downtime on the job. 

This is a win/win, providing them with an opportunity to grow while keeping them productive without needing to leave the floor.

Everybody wins with a digital frontline workplace 

Traditionally, organisations needed a variety of applications to accomplish this, overwhelming employees with different places to go with different logins. A digital workplace like WorkJam unites everything your employees need in one easy-to-use solution. Available in over 45 languages, WorkJam bridges the gap between language barriers with inline translations, which helps drive corporate culture, diversity, and inclusion within your organisation. 

Employees love it because it empowers them. HQs love WorkJam for its ROI (a whopping 410 per cent). Everybody wins.

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