How Hughie’s Powers Work In The Boys (& How Strong Is He?)


The Boys season 3 lastly gave superpowers to Hughie Campbell, the present’s important character. The newly-introduced Temp V — also referred to as V24 — permits Hughie and the gang to have quickly enhanced talents, shaking up the system of The Boys. So far, the Boys have been capable of kill weaker heroes like Translucent with out powers, however with a purpose to take down Homelander and The Seven, they knew they wanted some assist. Because of this, Seven-member Queen Maeve smuggled Billy Butcher a number of doses of an experimental Compound V that lasts for under 24 hours. Temp V is the explanation for Butcher and Hughie Campbell’s powers, which lastly allowed them to have an actual shot at killing Homelander.


Every character in The Boys that takes Compound V will get a random set of superpowers, with Billy Butcher’s powers together with laser eyes and invincibility and Kamiko receiving a therapeutic issue. Hughie first takes Temp V in The Boys season 3, episode 4, “Glorious Five Year Plan,” giving him the facility of teleportation. He is ready to teleport across the room throughout a combat in a Russian lab. However, this comes with a hilarious caveat: Hughie loses his garments at any time when he teleports. Besides teleportation, Hughie additionally appears to have a therapeutic issue, as his damaged arm is mounted after taking Temp V. He additionally appears to have elevated energy, punching by means of a Russian guard in a single hit. While Hughie’s powers do differ from the comics, the present’s useful-yet-embarrassing talents completely match Hughie. However, these short-term Temp V powers come at a horrible value. Here are Hughie Campbell’s powers defined.

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Hughie’s Teleportation Powers Explained

Jack Quaid as Hughie in The Boys

As of season 3, Hughie has taken Temp V 4 occasions, and The Boys might not have proven the total extent of his teleportation. Hughie Campbell’s powers have solely allowed him to teleport throughout comparatively quick distances — a helpful feat, however not game-changing. The draw back of Hughie’s teleportation energy is that his garments do not journey with him, leaving him utterly bare at any time when he teleports, and – as Annie finds out the exhausting manner – whoever Hughie teleports with finally ends up bare as nicely. While his elevated energy and therapeutic issue are helpful, teleportation appears to be the first manifestation of Temp V in Hughie.

How Strong Is Hughie Compared To Homelander?

Homelander standing with arms akimbo in The Boys

Although suped-up Hughie is much stronger than regular Hughie, he nonetheless would not come near how highly effective Compound V has made Homelander. Hughie can teleport, however Homelander is so quick that he may most likely beat Hughie to wherever he’s going. Hughie has a therapeutic issue, however he nonetheless takes injury, in contrast to the invincible and invulnerable Homelander, who was solely actually bodily threatened when Butcher and Soldier Boy teamed up in opposition to him. Though Hughie can punch by means of physique armor, Hughie’s barely enhanced energy poses no risk to Homelander. Yes, Hughie can maintain his personal in opposition to some supes whereas on Temp V, however he nonetheless has no likelihood of taking down Homelander on his personal. Hughie’s new powers solely function a method to guard himself, with the gang hopefully discovering one other strategy to kill Homelander by the tip of The Boys.

Hughie’s Powers Come At A Terrible Price

The Boys Butcher And Hughie Powers Temp V

Hughie Campbell’s powers include one main draw back: the opportunity of a painful and harmful dying. As revealed in The Boys season 3, episode 7 “Here Comes A Candle To Light You To Bed,” taking three to 5 doses of Temp V or V24 might lead to dying. To be extra exact, the carelessly scattered analysis notes on this episode point out that the reason for dying is usually “Hyper Accelerated Malignant Tumors.” Did Butcher and Hughie get powers simply to die in The Boys season 4? It’s definitely a chance — Hughie has taken Temp V 4 occasions, Butcher has taken it 5 occasions, so it would not be shocking if large problems come up for both. As for whether or not it was value it for Hughie to have taken Temp V if he died, that will depend on how he makes use of his teleportation within the subsequent season.

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