How to tame a Tropical Crystal Wyvern in Ark: Survival Evolved


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The Tropical Crystal Wyvern is just not essentially the most highly effective of the Wyverns in Ark: Survival Evolved, nevertheless it is likely one of the prettiest and stays extremely helpful. This creature is likely one of the higher beginning mounts in Ark: Survival Evolved and is distinctly totally different from its authentic cousins ​​in the way in which it’s tamed. Moreover, the Tropical Crystal Wyvern is likely one of the simpler tames with regards to the Wyvern class. This information will element precisely methods to tame the Tropical Crystal Wyvern in Ark: Survival Evolved.

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The Tropical Crystal Wyvern is just discovered as a pure spawn on one map in Ark: Survival Evolved. The Crystal Isles map performs house to the glowing and fairly creatures, and so they’re fairly straightforward to find when you’re seeking to discover them. You’ll discover them on the map on the backside left cluster of tropical islands the place they imply about aimlessly, often flying and touchdown close by.

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The Tropical Crystal Wyvern is just not tough to tame in any respect, although it may be a tedious activity as often it’ll bug out. Regardless, you’ll solely want just a few objects to tame it, and also you’ll be set for some time. This is what you’ll want:

1x CrossbowGrappling HookCrystal or Primal Crystals. You’ll want both 15 Primal Crystals or 120 Crystals when you’re on a server with 1x Taming Speed.Parachutes Screenshot by Gamepur

The Tropical Crystal Wyvern must be tamed Passively. This signifies that knocking it out will solely end in a failed tame. When you need to tame the Tropical Crystal Wyvern, you’ll need to be sure that it’s landed on the bottom and that you’re not less than stage 65.

Place your Crystals in your final Hotbar slot after which both climb up onto their again as soon as they’re on the bottom or connect to them together with your Grappling Hook and reel in. Once you’re up shut and private with them, you have to press the work together key. This will feed the Wyvern, and so they’ll fly off. If you’re hitching a experience on their again, ensure you’re mendacity susceptible on their again, and when you’re on a Grappling Hook, reel in as shut as you’ll be able to, as you’ll take harm when you hit the bottom.

Ultimately, the Wyvern will develop into hungry once more, and you’ll feed them as soon as extra. Continue doing this till they’re tamed, however bear in mind there’s a bug the place their taming progress bar does lower in a short time. This may be averted through the use of a mix of a Primal Crystal and a Sanguine Elixir.


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