How to Unlock All Genji Equipment in Crisis Core: FF7 Reunion


Learn the best way to unlock the strongest gear in Crisis Core: FF7 Reunion. Items embrace Genji Armor, Genji Gloves, a Genji Helm, and a Genji Shield.

Like all different video games within the Final Fantasy franchise, Crisis Core: FF7 Reunion options the power to gather Genji gear. Genji gear is heavy armor that’s just like that of samurai gear. This set of things consists of 4 items: armor, gloves, a helm, and a protect.

All of those objects present greater defenses whereas in combative conditions. In truth, Genji gear is called probably the most highly effective gear on this sport. It is advisable to equip this stuff when dealing with opposing forces of upper ranges to be able to full missions with extra effectiveness. Below are the strategies by which to unlock all 4 components included within the Genji gear set.


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Genji Armor Locations and Stats

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Genji Armor

Genji Armor has an HP restrict of 99,999 and has the power to maintain the Endure and Regen standing energetic. This merchandise could be unlocked by buying 100% Digital Mind Wave, also referred to as DMW. Players should first receive seven Character and 11 Summon Images to be able to get 100% DMW. Each of the 18 DMW Images will then must be leveled as much as 100%.

Genji Glove

The Genji Glove has a injury restrict of 99,999. Additionally, this merchandise affords a 100% essential fee for bodily assaults. This merchandise could be discovered inside a chest whereas finishing Mission 9-6-4: Biomechanical Threats.

Genji Helm

The Genji Helm affords gamers the power to terminate the expenditure of MP and AP when utilizing magic, instructions, and skills. Note that MP references Mana Points and AP is brief for Ability Points. This merchandise additionally affords Auto-Libra. The Helm could be obtained by buying it from the Network Shop Shade for 1,000,000 Gil.

Genji Shield

The Genji protect permits the Barrier and MBarrier to stay energetic. This piece of apparatus additionally absorbs all elemental injury and is in a position to withstand all standing illnesses. Obtaining this piece of apparatus is by far probably the most time-consuming of all of the Genji assortment. Players should first encounter a Magic Pot in Mission 7-6-6: The Determined Recruiter. There are 4 assaults that one should use throughout this confrontation: Costly Punch, Gil Toss, Octaslash, and 99999 Damage.

If the energy of the Genji gear is just not sufficient of an incentive to unlock this stuff, then the reward gained afterward is likely to be. Once the gear is collected, gamers will earn an achievement. A silver trophy can be rewarded to gamers for his or her efforts whereas acquiring the Genji gear assortment in Crisis Core: FF7 Reunion.

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