How to Unlock Soul Speed Enchantment in Minecraft (& What it Does)

Soul Speed in Minecraft is without doubt one of the extra peculiar enchantments gamers can not simply receive. Much like many enchantments in Minecraft, Soul Speed can’t be present in chests discovered within the overworld. Due to this predicament, gamers must use different means to get this enchantment in order that gamers can apply it to their boots.

The Soul Speed enchantment is immediately associated to Soul Sand because it lets gamers transfer sooner when strolling over Soul Sand in Minecraft. This enchantment turns out to be useful when gamers are exploring the Nether or setting up farms within the Nether that makes use of Soul Sand. This specific block is most used for spawning a Wither mob, which gamers can farm in the event that they want a Nether Star for a beacon.


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The most easy solution to get the Soul Speed Enchantment ebook is from chests present in Bastion Remnants. However, there are different methods gamers can purchase the enchantment. For instance, gamers may also toss or commerce a Gold Ingot with a Piglin. After a number of seconds, the Piglin ought to toss a random merchandise towards gamers, and certainly one of them could be the Soul Speed Enchantment ebook. Players may also kill Piglins sporting Gold Boots, as these mobs are likely to drop this enchantment.

How to Enchant Soul Speed in Minecraft

Enchantments are passive buffs that may be utilized to the participant’s gear, whether or not it’s armor or weapons. Normally, enchantments are utilized by utilizing an Enchantment Table. For these new to Minecraft, this particular desk is crafted utilizing Obsidian Blocks and Diamonds. Most enchantments, just like the weapon boosting Sharpness, are discovered randomly when inserting a weapon into the Enchanting Table. However, Soul Speed can’t be obtained on this approach. Instead, gamers might want to get the particular Soul Speed enchanting ebook. These magic books can be utilized to enchant gadgets utilizing an Anvil however could be troublesome to come back throughout. The Soul Speed Book, specifically, is discovered within the fingers of Minecraft‘s Piglin mob. These pig individuals reside within the Nether and received’t battle the participant so long as they put on some golden armor.

Speaking of gold, that’s what the Piglin use to barter for items, together with the Soul Speed Enchantment ebook. There isn’t any assure that they’ll yield the ebook on the primary commerce, so gamers ought to carry plenty of gold ingots into the Nether in the event that they want to receive Soul Speed. This enchantment can solely be utilized to boots, and generally the Piglins will commerce gamers’ boots which have already been enchanted. How considerate! Of course, some Piglin drop Soul Speed boots when enchanted, however gamers must danger aggravating a horde of Pig monsters solely to depend on probability. Trading golden ingots in Minecraft are undoubtedly the most secure methodology.

What is Soul Speed/How to Use it in Minecraft

As famous, Soul Speed can solely be utilized to boots. This is as a result of the Soul Speed enchantment improves the participant’s motion pace whereas strolling on Soul Sand blocks. This terrain, one of many earliest options of the Nether, lowers motion pace every time walked on. Trying to run away from a horde of monsters or evade the fireballs of a Ghast could be tough whereas shifting so slowly, and that’s the place Soul Speed is available in.

This enchantment will enable gamers to navigate the Nether simply, or a minimum of the huge fields of the Soul Sand Valley. Soul Speed boots will let gamers traverse this biome extra comfortably amidst the chilling ambiance and expedite their exploration. For these in a position to get their fingers on Soul Speed enchanted boots, right here’s an concept: Line the flooring of a fort or base with Soul Sand taken from the Nether, so if different gamers invade on a multiplayer server, they’ll be slowed down. Of course, this requires the Soul Speed boots to be worn always, however it is going to give the bottom proprietor a pace benefit in Minecraft if they’ve it.

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