How To Use A Genuine Katana Sword Properly


Handle your kata properly. Hold it Properly. Assume the right posture. Do it like the Samurais. Use the right gripping force. Polish your Samurai sword regularly. Use the following tips and tricks to get the most out of your katana sword.


Slice the target. Remember, the main aim is to hit the target and then slice through it. The edge of the sword needs to slice through the target and hack it. With enough speed and force, you can easily cut through the target. But that isn’t all you need to achieve. Your katana sword should help you cut and slice through your target. So, be sure to utilize it appropriately.

Hold the blade vertically above your head. Then draw cast its edge to slice across the target. The best way to do this is to use the blade’s curved surface for the casting and draw cutting. The ease offered by this inward draw action is exceptional. If you hold the sword correctly, then things will be extremely easy for you. Don’t just strike out anyhow.

Once you have mastered this action, it’ll be extremely hard for you to miss out on a target. Plus, it will dramatically improve your cutting results.

Cutting Speed

Watch your cutting speed. Grip it the right way and swiftly move towards your target. Remember, speed is power. So, don’t waste a second. Hold it properly and cut as fast as you can. The grip is generally similar to that of a cricket bat or a tennis racquet. Grip near the edges with maximum leverage, as well as, control.

Spend some time practicing the grip technique to avoid holding it too loosely. It’s a big mistake to lose control of your blade when cutting. So, be mindful of how you handle your sword. Don’t handle the sword gently. Instead, strangle it. Perfecting your gripping can quickly improve your cutting. It will make it easier and cleaner. Simply free up your grip and enjoy exemplary cutting.

Edge Alignment

Just like gripping, good edge alignment is equally important. Coupled with adequate speed, these tactics can work wonders. With the correct cutting technique, you can easily hit your target.

If you want to improve your edge alignment, consider practicing with suspended sheets of paper. For you to cut them correctly, consider choosing the perfect edge alignment angle, as well as, the best speed. This will make it easier for you to hit and slice your target. And that’s exactly your main aim, right? Well, all you need is to perfect your gripping and edge alignment.

Hold It Firmly

Are you a casual backyard cutter? For you to slice properly, you need to hold the sword firmly but in a relaxed manner. Then choose the correct edge alignment and you’ll be good to go. You won’t struggle cutting anything. From bamboo to water-filled bottles and lopping tatami mats, things will be extremely simple on your side. If you manage to put everything together, you’ll be able to cut anything without struggling.

One of the best ways to enhance your cutting skills is to watch videos of experienced sword masters. Try to emulate their stance. Don’t forget to check your relaxed posture.

Store it Correctly

Be mindful of how you store your sword. Always keep it in a safe place with the blade’s cutting edge facing up. When the cutting edge faces downward, the blade might easily get damaged. Thus, if you want your beautiful katana to last long, be sure to store it correctly.

Keep your sword inside a scabbard. Don’t be tempted to store it in a leather sheath. That’s one of the biggest mistakes you can ever make. Leather sheaths are too soft and won’t offer adequate protection from moisture. On the contrary, scabbards are much stronger and more durable. They’re an excellent alternative to leather sheaths.

Oil the Blade

Oil the blade regularly. This is extremely important as it protects your sword from rust, as well as, corrosion. Whereas authentic Japanese katanas are highly resistant to rust, they might eventually rust if they aren’t properly maintained.

Don’t Touch the Blades

Avoid touching the blade with your bare hands. Remember, katanas feature sharp cutting edges- so be careful about how you handle them. Moreover, touching it can damage or degrade the blade. You might not notice any instant damage, but the sweat from your hands can quickly enhance the corrosion process. It’s always a good idea to keep your hands off the blade when carrying out maintenance.

Don’t overlook Humidity

To achieve optimal results, be mindful of humidity. Don’t expose your sword to humidity. High moisture content can quickly saturate the blade and speed up rusting. To be on the safe side, store your sword at around fifty-percent relative humidity.

Why Are These Swords So Popular?

Katana swords were uniquely designed by the Samurai warriors. They represented their devotion to the Japanese culture. Every sword was created using pure steel. In ancient times, katanas were probably some of the hardest swords. Plus, they were extremely elegant.

Compared to other options, katanas were highly durable. They were designed with a specific form of fighting in mind. Since their inception, these swords continue to gain increasing popularity. If you’re looking for efficient cutting and slicing, then these swords can make an excellent choice for you. To produce these swords, the smiths spend a considerable amount of time and effort. They always strive to perfect each manufacturing process they undertake. Remember, no machines are used. It takes pure craftsmanship to create an authentic katana sword. If you want to enhance your fighting experience, think katana.   

 The Bottom-Line

Katana swords are precious when it comes to Japanese warriors. These swords were used to represent power. To get the best results from your sword, use it properly. Use the right cutting action. Handle your katana with care. Hold your katana with precision. Store it in a dry place. Protect the blades. Oil it properly. Use the above tips and tricks to get the most out of your katana sword



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