I don’t agree at all… The first Pakistani MP raised questions on Modi, Sunak answered bluntly. britain pm rishi sunak distanced himself from bbc documentary attacking pm narendra modi for 2002 gujarat riots.


Defending Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the British Parliament, British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak distanced himself from the BBC’s documentary on the Gujarat riots and said he did not agree with it.

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak

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Ministry of External Affairs of India in 2002 gujarat riots was made on BBC articles He replied angrily. India called it propaganda. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs said bias, lack of logic and colonialism are clearly visible in this case. This forces us to think about the purpose of this work and its process. Meanwhile, a British MP from Pakistan raised the issue in the UK Parliament. Even the Prime Minister Rishi Sunak he rejected it.

In fact, Narendra Modi was the Chief Minister of the state during the 2002 Gujarat riots and his leadership was questioned in the document. In the statement of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, MP Imran Hussain in the British Parliament, he (PM Modi) is the one who started these attacks. Considering that hundreds were brutally murdered and families here in the UK, India and around the world have yet to get justice. Does the Prime Minister agree with his diplomats at the Foreign Office that Modi was directly responsible. Also, what else does the Foreign Office know about their involvement in this horrific act of ethnic cleansing?

In response to this, Sunak said that Mr. Speaker, what the UK government is saying about this has been clear and for a long time and there is no change. Of course, we do not tolerate any harassment, but I do not agree at all with the attitude of the honorable MP.

The documents are released in the second batch

The British broadcaster BBC aired two episodes attacking Narendra Modi’s role as Gujarat chief minister during the 2002 Gujarat riots. Displeasure was expressed over these results and they were subsequently removed from selected platforms. Prominent British citizens of Indian origin have criticized the cartoons. Eminent UK citizen Lord Rami Ranger said the BBC has caused a lot of pain to more than one billion Indians.

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