I love Lionel Messi: Catherine Zeta-Jones


Los Angeles | Hollywood actress Catherine Zeta-Jones has expressed her love and respect for player Lionel Messi and said that her husband has no problem with it. The 53-year-old actress said her husband Douglas Paris Saint-Germain, 78, also has a crush on Lionel Messi, 35.

Messi made a lot of headlines on Sunday by performing well in the match between Argentina and France and winning his Argentina team.

Zeta-Jones, who has been cheering for the Argentine from her home in the US, shared a sweet note on Instagram and praised the player, writing about her love for Messi and his team. She wrote, “Best match I have seen in my entire life. You have to understand, I love Messi, my husband has no problem with it. Don’t cry for someone else, Argentina!!!! Ole!! ! What a man! I have Messi posters all over my house.. super cool.”

Zeta-Jones, who has two children with husband Douglas, also posted a TV video as Argentina’s players cried with joy after their win (IANS)

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