‘I’ll not have mother’s expertise or magnificence, however…’


For those that assume being in contrast along with her iconic mother Sridevi could be an issue for Janhvi Kapoor, right here is her somewhat assured verdict on the subject.

“Why would I want the comparisons to stop? Why would I be offended by being compared with my mom?” Janhvi asks Subhash Ok Jha.

“I am being compared with the best, so they are holding me to the best possible standards. It’s like reaching to the stars. At least I can aim for the sky. I think I am flattered.”


Photograph: Kind courtesy Sridevi/Instagram

Janhvi would not assume the comparisons are uncalled for.

“I can’t blame them for their expectations. I am trying hard to live up to them. I may not have the talent or beauty of my mother, but it’s the hard work that is my USP. I know I will get there,” she says.

“Cinema is my life. Acting is the only thing that keeps me going,” she says. “I am not apologetic anymore for where I come from.”


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