In Pokémon Go now you can seize tremendous large or tremendous small buddies


For some motive, Niantic added a feature to Pokémon Go wherein typically Pokémon may be HUGE and typically they’re tiny. This looks like a comparatively ineffective function that doesn’t actually change gameplay in any respect, however I imply, certain, I’ll take a tiny Poochyena, please and thanks!

Rolling out now, the Pokémon Poochyena, Mightyena and Mawile can seem in measurement XXS or XXL. Why these three Pokémon solely? I don’t know, ask Professor Willow. In actuality, it’s most likely to create a way of pleasure that they’ll draw out as they slowly roll out, uh, small Pikachu and massive Eevee. Or, as they seem in sport, Pokémon that’s removed from digital camera and Pokémon that’s near digital camera.

We’ve already had sizes of Pokémon because the sport first got here out in 2016 — normally, this was used for horrible Reddit jokes wherein folks would nickname their Pokémon after sure physique components, then screenshot the appraisal display screen, wherein the Professor would say, “your [body part] is huge!” if the Pokémon was of a bigger measurement. You know what I imply. You can’t nickname Pokémon with that language anymore, however as a comfort, now there’s a function within the Pokédex that reveals you the dimensions ranges of Pokémon that you’ve got caught. When you catch a brand new smallest or largest Pokémon for every species in your Pokédex, you’re going to get a enjoyable little pop-up congratulating you.

You’ll know for those who’ve come throughout an excellent large or tremendous small man within the wild as a result of, uh, their sizes will probably be totally different. And there will probably be little animations that inform you this. Personally, I feel these animations are a bit related to people who seem whenever you discover a shiny Pokémon within the wild, and a big Mawile merely isn’t as thrilling as a shiny one, however hey, I don’t design the sport. If I did, I might have a shiny Mawile.

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