In this team, from doctor, engineer to scientist-teacher, the passion is such that they reach India by raising funds


Hockey World Cup 2023. The 16 teams participating in the Hockey World Cup 2023 are professional and play excellent hockey. At the same time, there were two teams whose this is the first World Cup. The first team is Chile and the second team is Wales, who are almost out of the World Cup after losing to India. But knowing the struggle of the Wales team, you will also say what a wonderful team. The players of this team work in different professions and practice on weekends and play hockey for the country. In order to come to India to play the World Cup, the players of the team paid money from their own pockets and reached India asking for donations.

Wales is a big identity in football
The football team of Wales is considered to be one of the dangerous team in the world and the team also performed brilliantly in the recently concluded FIFA World Cup. But in the case of hockey, this country does not have that much identity. A report states that all the players of Wales team are associated with different professions and are unable to do regular practice. They do their jobs and practice hockey on weekends.

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from doctor to engineer
Talking about the players of Wales team, there are doctors, engineers and some teachers in this team. One player is a scientist and the other player is a gym trainer. All these players work from Monday to Friday and prepare for hockey on weekends. Sometimes they even have to deduct their salary for practice leave. But the spirit of the players has been such that they have not only improved the ranking of the team but have also taken it to the World Cup.

Money raised from crowd funding
When the matter of coming to India to play the World Cup came to light, the players of the team collected money from their own pockets. After this, raised money from crowd funding, asked for donations and by collecting every penny, they reached India to play the World Cup. Team players have so much passion for hockey that every player deposits 1-1 lakh rupees every year from their earnings so that the team can travel to other countries and play matches.

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