India built Chabahar port in Iran, China is taking advantage, a ship full of goods arrived for the first time


Tehran: China, engaged in encircling India in the Indian Ocean, has now made a big move in Iran. China’s cargo ship has directly reached Chabahar port of Iran with goods. This is the same port where India has invested billions of dollars. Not only this, India plans to strengthen trade relations with Russia and the countries of Central Asia, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, through this Chabahar port only. India recently sent many of its powerful cranes to this port.

According to Iranian media reports, for the first time a Chinese cargo ship has arrived directly at the Chabahar port in southern Iran. Amir Mokaddam, CEO of Chabahar Free Zone, said that the unloading of goods from this Chinese ship has started on Saturday. This is the first time that China has directly connected to the Chabahar port built by India in Iran. Earlier, Chinese ships used to carry goods to Iran’s Bandar Abbas port and from there the goods were loaded in small ships and transported to Chabahar.

Mukaddam said that the capacity of this ship is 6500 containers. He said that loading of this ship at Chabahar would reduce the cost of loading to $400. Along with this, the goods will also reach its owner 10 days in advance. Mukaddam said that now traders can get any goods from China directly to Chabahar port easily and at low cost. Experts have warned India amid this growing nexus between Iran and China.

Former India’s MK Bhandarkar believes that China has now reached Chabahar. India’s hold on Chabahar is weakening. The reason for this is that in desperation Iran has now gone to the shelter of China and it is certain that China is ahead of us. He said that India is failing to fulfill the promise it had made to Iran. On the other hand, military analysts say that China can connect Chabahar with CPEC. This is the same CPEC that China is running in Pakistan and India has invested billions in Chabahar to counter it.

India is going to start trade on a large scale with Russia through Chabahar. Recently, for the first time goods from Russia via Iran had reached India’s Mumbai port. This entire corridor has been named the International North-South Transport Corridor. It was started in the year 2000 through which the Baltic Sea has been connected to the Indian Ocean. Due to this, both Iran and Russia are escaping from US sanctions.


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