Iran: Iran executes former defence ministry official, Britain demands release



Iran executes former defence ministry official
Akbari accused Iran of torture
Britain blames Iran over Akbari’s death

Tehran. Iran on Saturday executed former Defense Ministry official Ali Raza Akbari on charges of espionage. Ali Raza Akbari had dual citizenship. He was an Iranian-British citizen, so britain’s anger for Iran has started boiling with his death. In fact, Iran says that Ali Raza was spying for the British intelligence agency, when he was sentenced to death.

Iran has alleged that Akbari acted as a source for Britain’s secret intelligence service, known as MI6, the AP reported. A lengthy statement issued by Iran’s judiciary claimed that Akbari received a hefty amount of money from London to provide information to the intelligence service.

Akbari accused Iran of torture
Bbc Persian-language broadcast an audio message of Akbari on Wednesday, in which he has said that he was tortured. “Using physical and psychological methods, they broke my will, pushed me towards insanity and forced me to do whatever I had to do. At gunpoint and by threatening to kill me, they made me confess false and corrupt claims.”

Britain fires over Akbari’s death
Before Akbari’s death, Britain had demanded his release, but Iran did not agree, that is why Britain’s anger has erupted. Following Akbari’s death, UK Foreign Secretary James Claverley said in a statement: “The execution of British-Iranian Ali Raza Akbari is a barbaric act that must be condemned in the strongest possible terms.  Through this politically motivated act, the Iranian regime has once again shown its utter disregard for human life.”

Several protesters hanged in Iran
Mahsa Amini’s death in September last year has united the whole of Iran to protest against Islamic fundamentalists. To stop protesters, people are jailed and many are sentenced to death. According to human rights activists in Iran, at least 520 protesters have been killed and 19,400 arrested.  Iranian authorities have not provided official figures on the deaths or arrests. So far, four people have been publicly hanged for attacking security forces.

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