Is Ghost Rider To Blame For Wooly Mammoths Going Extinct?


Warning: SPOILERS for Avengers #63Marvel’s new Ghost Rider has phenomenal energy, however he additionally could also be chargeable for an outstanding tragedy: the extinction of the wooly mammoth. Multiple Riders have existed since time started, and Marvel just lately revealed the first Ghost Rider: an historic human from prehistoric Earth. Now, in Avengers #63, Marvel reveals that Ghost Rider’s mount just isn’t lengthy for this world.

In present Marvel Comics continuity, the Avengers are one multiversal step behind Mephisto, who seeks to unite his counterparts from throughout the Multiverse as they storm the God Quarry, the boundary between universes. To fight the risk, the Avengers search out their very own variants, together with a number of Captain Americas, Thors and Iron Men. Among them is the Ghost Rider, a prehistoric model of Johnny Blaze who rides an enormous wooly mammoth. The mammoth is able to billowing fireplace from its trunk to inflict catastrophic harm on enemies.


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In Avengers #63, written by Jason Aaron & Javier Garrón with artwork by David Curiel, three groups of Avengers meet on the battlefield towards Mephisto, however a misunderstanding rapidly ends in the heroes combating one another whereas Mephisto commences his machinations. The Multiversal Masters of Evil, led by the Black Skull, are in league with Mephisto and assault en masse; a pitched battle outcomes. Doctor Doom seeks to finish the battle with a mystical plague that sweeps throughout the land, however Ghost Rider stands prepared, and with Valkyrie’s assist, rides into the plague on his mammoth and burns it up utterly.

Ghost Rider’s Power Do No Favors To Wooly Mammoth Survival

Ghost Rider on a mammoth

As heroic as Ghost Rider could also be, his actions on this comedian and in earlier points might have introduced concerning the mammoth’s extinction. Wooly mammoths lived in chilly climates, and their extinction (occurring roughly 10,000 years earlier than the current day), occurred on account of speedy local weather change. As otherworldly as Ghost Rider’s flames could also be, did they create concerning the change that should quicker? Additionally, Ghost Rider may solely purchase a mammoth from a chilly space – and wherever the Ghost Rider travels, his flames are ever-present.

No definitive reply might be discovered on this comedian or some other as to the mammoth’s survival in Marvel Comics. The legendary Savage Land, an space through which different extinct animals can reside in peace, might be one such refuge within the current day, however that is still to be seen. Ghost Rider is a strong superhero, however maybe he’s too hot-headed for his mounts to outlive his battles.

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Avengers #63 is accessible now from Marvel Comics.


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