Is Julio Urias The most underrated pitcher in MLB?

Los Angeles Dodgers’ Mexican pitcher Julio Urias is having a spectacular season, but he is not among the best in the league. His level is spectacular, and he is one of the most consistent pitchers in the MLB.

The Culiacán native is already a World Series champion and one of the most important men on the Los Angeles team, but even so, he has never been an All-Star and is not considered a true superstar.

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A lot of consistency

In 2020 was his resurgence after a controversial 2019. He became a starter for the Dodgers and proved that he is one of the best. Every performance, he was getting better and more dangerous. The team became more dynamic and dangerous every time Urias took the mound.

One of his best moments was in game 6 of the World Series, when for 7 innings he did not receive any runs. This helped the LA team win the World Series and be part of the history of the organization and of his country by winning the coveted title.

Immediately, comparisons began with Fernando Valenzuela, the Idol of the 80s who drove the American fans crazy with the now famous “Fernandomania”. The success did not go to his head, and he went back to work to get stronger.

By 2021 he was already one of the most important players in the Dodgers rotation, which has one of the most famous players in MLB, Clayton Kershaw. In that season the Mexican was an absolute ace, he was the leader in wins in the MLB, he was unbeatable, but he was not even considered a top 10 player, in fact, he was not voted to the All-Star team.

That spectacular campaign could not end with a ring because they lost against the Atlanta Braves in six games of the NLCS. It was not his best moment because in game 2 he lost the lead and in game 4 he struggled a lot.

That did not dampen the left-hander’s spirits, who knew that he had to prove that he was not a one-day thing and that he has the level to be considered a superstar, and that is why he was part of the Dodgers’ rotation.

This season, he continues to be one of the most consistent pitchers. He has seven consecutive wins and his average is one of the highest in the MLB. With each game, he looks better and more controlled. His pitch selection is always right, and he seems to have learned from past mistakes and anticipates anything that could go wrong.

His fastball is getting better and better, he controls the timing of his pitches a lot more and studies his opponents perfectly. He is in a zone where nothing distracts him.

It is true, in the Dodgers Tony Gonsolin is undefeated and leads the team in wins, but Urias is in a better moment than Kershaw, and he was not even considered for the All-Star team, what about the Mexican?

Lack of press?

What is a reality is that part of the game is marketing, and the Mexican is not profitable in that aspect. He doesn’t have the charisma that Fernando Valenzuela had in the 80s when he won the hearts of Americans with his pitching and his smile.

“El Toro” became an icon. He was in every commercial and on every talk show, his simplicity and sincerity made him immediately appealing. He didn’t take life so seriously and was always smiling, the fans immediately embraced him.

Besides, his story was quite appealing. Born into poverty in a small town in Mexico, Valenzuela represented the American dream. His level on the mound helped a lot. He was one of the best in the league and was a 1981 World Series champion and 6-time All-Star. He was the best Mexican that ever played in the MLB.

The case of Urias is different. At a very young age, he was hired by the Dodgers and went to the minor leagues to exploit his talent. At 19, he was already in the team’s rotation, but suffered a 20-game suspension for a domestic violence problem in 2019.

That affected the image of the pitcher who, despite being one of the best players in the league, does not receive the attention that perhaps he could have had if he had not starred in the unfortunate episode a few seasons ago.

In this day and age, a positive image helps a player a great deal to be considered for a better contract and even commercial contracts. Urias does not have the press on his side, as the controversy in which he was involved at this time is very serious.

This marginalizes him a little bit from opportunities that he might have if his image was more polished. Besides, he does not have the charisma that his compatriot Valenzuela had, and the constant comparisons with him do not help him much.

Urias prefers to concentrate on his game and show pitch by pitch that he is a star and that the 2019 chapter should be forgotten. Is Urias the least valued pitcher in the MLB?


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