Is Tamil Nadu being cheated by the central government in the distribution of funds?


“In the Budget for 2020-21 of the Government of Tamil Nadu, we will continue to reiterate before the 25th Finance Commission our demand that adequate devolution of funds should be provided through proper calculations,” it said.

There is no denying that it was designed to blame the central government.

However, finance minister O.P.S. Stalin denies it if DMK president M K Stalin points out the same.

OPS did not directly answer whether Tamil Nadu was affected by the 15th Finance Commission’s recommendations or not.

Why didn’t OPS, who says that rs 32,849 crore has been recommended to us because of the chief minister’s efforts, say that it is correct?

Tamil Nadu’s argument is that reservations should be made on the basis of the 1971 census. Because after that due to the efforts taken by the Government of Tamil Nadu, the birth rate has come down and if we are allotted on the basis of 2011, we will suffer. That is to say, should we be deceived in the allocation of justice because we have effectively managed population control?

The Tamil Nadu government says it has such a demand. it did not say whether the central government had accepted it.

The 14th Finance Commission recommended 4.023% of the funds recommended for Tamil Nadu, while the 15th Finance Commission recommended 4.189%, says OPS. That is to say, his argument is that it has been exalted.

But does he admit that it is correct or does he deny that he will get more if allocated according to the 1971 census?

Why should the Tamil Nadu government hide what the Central government is deceiving? ?


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