Is Will Poulter’s Adam Warlock A Villain In Guardians of the Galaxy 3?


Several teases from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 depart ambiguity over whether or not Will Poulter’s Adam Warlock can be a villain in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. Guardians 3 director James Gunn has confirmed that Poulter will painting the Golden Gladiator within the third installment within the trilogy — although the precise nature of his function stays a thriller. To many, Adam Warlock’s villain arc is unlikely, and he’s a Marvel Comics character whose entry into the MCU is a number of years too late. In the comics, Warlock is the best enemy of Thanos and a central determine in tales associated to the Infinity Stones, corresponding to Infinity War, Infinity Gauntlet, and Infinity Crusade. But regardless of his deep connection to Thanos and the cosmic aspect of the Marvel Universe, Warlock was excluded from the battle with the Mad Titan within the Infinity Saga.


Instead of Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame, Adam Warlock will debut in the course of the Multiverse Saga — however is Will Poulter a foul man in Guardians of the Galaxy 3? Currently, the reply to that is unknown, and even the GotG 3 trailer gave solely a short glimpse of Poulter as Adam Warlock, with no additional clues about what his precise function within the film can be. Based on what was alluded to in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, a lot of followers have assumed that he’ll be utilized as a villain quite than a hero. Here’s what Marvel’s plan for him might be in MCU Phase 5 and past.

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How Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2 Sets Up Adam Warlock

The theories surrounding Adam Warlock’s villain arc within the MCU started in Guardians of the Galaxy, wherein a cocoon seen within the Collector’s (Benicio del Toro) museum was handled as an Easter egg to Adam Warlock, because it seemed an identical to the one which he emerged from within the comics. Originally, James Gunn confirmed the connection, however the sequel proved that the cocoon was a purple herring. Now, it’s recognized that the true Adam Warlock cocoon belonged to one of many Sovereign, a race of gold-skinned aliens and the species tied to the MCU’s Adam Warlock.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 launched the Sovereign and their evil chief, Ayesha. After doing a job for Ayesha after which betraying them, the Guardians earned the enmity of the Sovereign, however managed to flee with their lives. A post-credits scene in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 revealed that the Sovereign genetically engineered a brand new member of their species, who Ayesha has named “Adam”. Apparently, “Adam” will match into Ayesha’s plan to get revenge on the Guardians. This is the important thing purpose why Adam Warlock’s villain story is alleged to be the main focus of his MCU debut.

Is Adam Warlock A Villain In The Comics?

Adam Warlock Thor fight

The comedian e-book model of Adam Warlock can’t be precisely described as a villain, as a long time of tales have portrayed him as a hero with a robust ethical compass and a devotion to doing what’s proper for the universe. In reality, even distinguished management figures like Captain America, Iron Man, Cyclops, and Doctor Strange have rallied behind Adam Warlock in a number of Marvel Comics storylines. Only on uncommon and really transient events, corresponding to conditions the place he was briefly corrupted by the complete energy of the Infinity Gauntlet, does Adam Warlock’s villain aspect ever come out. However, there’s a foundation for Adam Warlock being an antagonist on the very starting of his story.

After leaving his cocoon however earlier than buying his comedian identification and costume, Adam Warlock was a one-time foe of Thor. As a super-powered being who was principally born as an grownup, Warlock was a particularly naïve character who understood little about human nature or how he ought to act. One of the primary issues he did upon being born was to say a mate. Not realizing how such issues are purported to work, Warlock set his sights on Lady Sif (a sidelined character within the MCU) and tried to take her away, thus resulting in an epic slugfest with the God of Thunder. In the top, Warlock was defeated. When he returned, Marvel started maturing him right into a hero by having him develop new concepts about his function in life.

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How Adam Warlock’s Story Fits The MCU’s Guardians

Guardians of the Galaxy 3 Adam Warlock Will Poulter

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2’s Adam Warlock setup and his Marvel Comics origin will permit him to slot in properly with the story Gunn has crafted for Star-Lord and all of the others. Similar to Rocket Racoon, Warlock is a product of science created to meet a particular function. While it’s true that he’s a member of a whole alien race, Ayesha’s feedback about Warlock point out that he’s one-of-a-kind, which signifies that he — identical to all of the Guardians — is a misfit with no correct place on the earth.

If the MCU’s Adam Warlock is something like his comedian counterpart, it’s seemingly that he’ll reject Ayesha’s plan for him and try and forge his personal future. After all, Will Poulter’s GotG 3 character doesn’t actually know them and will not have a lot motivation for killing folks he doesn’t know. If he have been to disobey his orders, Warlock may settle in with the Guardians. Since he works properly with the misfit theme of the Guardians of the Galaxy motion pictures, it wouldn’t be stunning if he was given spot within the roster of the MCU’s “second family.”

What Adam Warlock’s Future Could Be After Guardians Vol 3

Adam Warlock Soul Stone Marvel Comics

According to James Gunn, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 will function an ending to the primary characters’ tales, which signifies that if Marvel does make Guardians of the Galaxy 4, it ought to observe a distinct staff. However, that doesn’t imply Adam Warlock must be restricted to only one movie. Combined with the truth that there might be over 40 motion pictures within the MCU’s future, Adam Warlock’s villain and hero arcs all through Marvel Comics lore really makes him the right new addition to the Multiverse Saga.

Marvel could also be executed with Star-Lord, Drax, Gamora, Rocket, Nebula, Groot, and maybe Mantis after Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3., however the film ought to simply be the start for Will Poulter’s GotG character. As for what the MCU may do with him, he’d be a number one candidate for the brand new staff in Guardians of the Galaxy 4. His inclusion may give the following story a transparent connection to the unique trilogy. In addition to that, Adam Warlock might be on the heart of a future crossover. He missed out on Infinity War and Endgame, but when and when one other large dangerous on par with Thanos ever arrives, Adam Warlock may nonetheless lead the heroes of the MCU into battle.

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The High Evolutionary Is The Confirmed GotG 3 Villain

Guardians Galaxy Vol 3 GotG cast 2023

The Guardians 3 villain, Chukwudi Iwuji’s High Evolutionary, is confirmed to be the primary antagonist, which strengthens the argument that the MCU’s long-term plan for Adam Warlock is to show him right into a hero. In Marvel Comics, the High Evolutionary is the one who christens Him with the identify Adam Warlock and provides him the Soul Stone. However, the High Evolutionary is principally a cosmic mad scientist obsessive about evolution. The Guardians 3 trailer even implies that, within the MCU, it was he who created Rocket Raccoon, and Bradley Cooper’s Marvel character appears able to tackle his creator. Based on Warlock’s comedian e-book historical past and what’s been revealed about his MCU debut, Adam Warlock’s villain arc may start and in addition finish in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3. Whatever occurs with the High Evolutionary, Warlock is unlikely to remain a villain for lengthy, particularly with audiences already anticipating the MCU’s new roster for Guardians of the Galaxy 4.

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