It wasn’t easy for Jake Gyllenhaal doing a sex scene with Jennifer Aniston


Los Angeles | Filming intimate and sex scenes with Jennifer Aniston is not easy. The experience of Hollywood star Jake Gyllenhaal is proof of this. The cast has previously worked together in the 2002 comedy The Good Girl.

The actor revealed that, “He felt awkward while filming the sex scene with Jennifer Aniston. The reason behind this is because Jake is attracted to her because Jake admitted that Jennifer was his big crush, so he did the sex scene with her.” It was difficult to film.”

The actor said, “Working with him was torture or should I say it was kind of a mix because it is not very easy for me to do such scenes with him.”

Elaborating further, the actor said, “Most of the time, it’s weirdly mechanical, isn’t it? And it’s also a dance, like, you choreograph it for the camera. It’s like a fight scene, you Those things have to be choreographed and I have always tried.”

Jake then told presenter Howard that Jennifer had even helped him to work with him and make the sex scene easier.(IANS)

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