Jamie Foxx goes viral after dropping Donald Trump impression throughout podcast look


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Oscar winner Jamie Foxx is on the verge of breaking the web together with his astonishingly exact imitation of Donald Trump.

Foxx debuted his impression of the previous US president throughout an interview with music journalists Brian “B. Dot” Miller and Elliott Wilson on the Rap Radar podcast. He was selling his new movie Day Shift (2022) with co-star Snoop Dogg when he started talking in Trump’s distinctive Queen’s cadence. With eyes closed, Foxx sounded an identical to Trump.

“There’s a lot of great people on both sides. Lots of great people on both sides. I know Harry O. He’s a great person. He couldn’t vote for me at the time. Now he can vote for me once he gets out. I love Snoop D.O. double G. Great person.”

Miller, Wilson, and Snoop Dogg threw their heads again and howled with laughter at Foxx’s powers of mimicry. Miller composed himself and addressed Foxx in character, asking which music he preferred most from Death Row Records.

Foxx didn’t miss a beat and shot again:

“All of them. I love the Death Row Records. Don’t try to pin me down. You see what he just…excuse me! Excuse me. Fake news.”

Fans like 1FoLKist went wild for Foxx’s impression of Trump and praised the multidisciplinary artist on social media.

EthanBG was extremely impressed with Foxx and tweeted their opinion that he stands out as the best vocal doppelgänger alive.

AndyJLane known as Foxx’s caricature of Trump the perfect they’d ever seen.

Foxx is in a league of his personal as a vocal impressionist and in lots of different inventive disciplines. His actual rendering of music legend Ray Charles earned him the Academy Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role for Ray (2005). He has beforehand accomplished a slew of hilarious vocal parodies of Dave Chappelle, Robert Downey Jr., Kanye West, and Jay-Z.

Foxx’s new movie Day Shift is at present probably the most streamed new film on Netflix.

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