Japan China News: For the first time after World War II, Japan is becoming a samurai again, know why Buddha did not make a war strategy


Tokyo: Japan, which is called the land of Mahatma Buddha, is now ready to become a samurai again. samurai, military warriors of Japan who lived in the country from the Middle Ages to the end of the 12th century. In 1876, these warriors came to an end. Now Japan is ready to become like these warriors again. By the year 2028, with the aim of spending more on its forces, it has decided that it will double the defense budget. It was written in an article in the year 1993 that the institutions in Japan and its behavior, it is clear that Japan can once again regain its lost status among global powers. After several decades, now Japan aspires to become a global power again. The increase in the defense budget indicates in this direction. Japan is the only country to have suffered a nuclear attack.

dream of global military power

After World War II, Japan was recognized as a global civilian power. Christopher Hughes, author of a book on Japan’s security policy, has called Japan a global military power. They claim that Japan is setting every example that it can follow to become a more capable military force. At the same time, it will not remain just a regional power but can become a global military power. In another book by Hughes, complete information has been given on Japan becoming a military power. In the year 1950, when Japan’s Self-Defense Forces were started, from the same time, Japan had taken steps towards becoming a military power. The process continued until the tenures of former PMs Yasuhiro Nakasone, Junichiro Koizumi and Shinzo Abe.

has been predicted

Koizumi said that being a normal country does not mean being a great power. Those who used to associate great power with it, were actually unusual persons and now a cure has been found for it. Former PM Abe always used to say that Japan will never become a second class country. Hughes believes that under the Abe Doctrine, Japan is now moving towards the process under which it can become a military power. Japan seems determined to change itself. Now it is on the way to become the country that was prophesied many decades ago.

how will japan change
Japan has made preparations to change the military structure by increasing its defense budget. The Japanese Defense Forces can respond to electro-magnetic threats from land, air, sea, space and even cyberspace in an instant. Japan has increased military capability by building an amphibious rapid deployment brigade. Along with this, steps have been taken from destroyers to fixed wings helicopters. Apart from this, the focus is on submarines, destroyers and other weapons for the Navy. The defense budget has been kept at two percent of GDP. Japan is about to buy dangerous Tomahawk missiles from America. Apart from this, it also wants to buy advanced fighter jets, hypersonic missiles and armed drones.

so is china the reason

Japan has not directly declared China as a threat in its defense policy, but it has been said that China’s situation and its military activities are a serious issue. In such a situation, a strategic challenge is being presented on a large scale. Japan and the international community must ensure that peace prevails. If Japanese officials are to be believed, their aim is still to build a Japan whose relations with China can be improved through dialogue. Japan’s aim is to achieve the status of America, Britain and France. It knows that this is difficult due to lack of offensive force and capabilities.


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