Jason Derulo Spends A Fortune In A Restaurant Celebrating ‘Slidin’ Single


Watch out Johnny Depp because Jason Derulo has just splashed even more cash in restaurant.

Derulo visited a restaurant when he thought it would be a “good idea” to buy everyone a shot in celebration of his brand new song Slidin’.

The 32-year-old Florida born singer went on a weekend of spending with his friends and team to celebrate the release of his new song … when he figured it would be a good idea to splash the cash.

In a recent post on the Lifestyle singers TikTok account, he shared a video where he says, “In celebration of my new brand new song, I thought it would be a good idea to buy the whole restaurant a shot.” — you can see his face of almost regret as he looks at the overall bill. The video then cuts to him toasting the table, doubling down on his idea of buying everyone in the restaurant a shot, saying, “I’d like to do a round of shots for everybody in the restaurant.” with people cheering in the background as he makes the announcement.

You’ve got to watch the video, it’s hilarious. The bill on the other hand completely trumps Depp‘s efforts of spending over $50,000 in an Indian restaurant during his UK visit. Jason‘s bill came to over $100,000.


@jasonderulo It’s a celebration at Komodo #slidinweekend #slidin @hannahstocking @anwar @adamw @youneszarou @jasminechiswell @Jena @Juanpa Zurita @Luara @Sofi _Mata @Lele Pons @OMAHI @enolabedard ♬ Slidin’ – Jason Derulo

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