Juggernaut vs Juggernaut Can Answer His Biggest Powers Question

Empowered by the demon lord Cyttorak, the Juggernaut is imbued with unstoppable momentum that makes use of magic to interrupt the legal guidelines of physics. So what occurs when Cain Marko’s unstoppable pressure meets a really immovable object?

Cain Marko, Professor X’s stepbrother, grew to become the Juggernaut by sneaking right into a cave with Charles, acquiring the Crimson Gem, and changing into the human avatar of Cyttorak, an extra-dimensional entity from the Crimson Cosmos. Although he has traditionally been prone to psychic and psychological assaults, which has put him at odds together with his brother Charles Xavier, Juggernaut’s energy and stamina are almost unmatched. His most essential energy is the power to govern momentum, which makes him functionally unstoppable. Juggernaut’s powers are sometimes depicted inconsistently, however on the peak of his skills, he can barrel by means of any impediment. This forces his enemies to search out new, artistic methods to defeat him, as an example by ensuring he has nothing to run on.


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Uncanny Avengers #1, written by Rick Remender and drawn by John Cassaday, introduces Red Skull’s S-Men. One of the founding members is Mzee, who was granted the powers of an African god by a mystic artifact referred to as the “Crooked Emerald.” Mzee’s household was killed by a gaggle of Magneto’s henchmen, and this instilled a lifelong hatred of mutants inside him. Since the Crooked Emerald holds the spirit of the African Lord of Physical Will, Mzee is imbued with “impossible strength” particularly said to be past something on Earth.

It’s clear that Juggernaut was the inspiration for Mzee, as the 2 characters share extremely related lore. Juggernaut’s skills come from the Crimson Gem, whereas Mzee’s come from the Crooked Emerald, with each empowered by gods, and each working in response to mystic ‘guidelines’ relatively than pure energy. The distinction is that whereas Juggernaut manipulates momentum, Mzee manipulates energy. Usually, Juggernaut is able to operating down far stronger opponents because of the mystical nature of his powers, however what would occur if he was to run head first into certainly one of Mzee’s punches? Two mystically unstoppable forces would meet, lastly answering the query of how Juggernaut’s powers would react to such a state of affairs.

While Mzee was overwhelmed by Thor (because of the technicality that Asgardians aren’t from Earth), and later killed by Magneto, in Marvel Comics characters come again on a regular basis. Fans should see a Mzee vs Juggernaut conflict, each to lastly give Cain a worthy enemy, and to reply how their powers may work together. Marvel might have already supplied a solution, though it does not contain Mzee. A powered-up Juggernaut as soon as punched by means of actuality itself, which looks like a compelling reply to what occurs when two unstoppable forces meet. Even if this was the result, it could nonetheless be one thing to see.

While Mzee is presently out of motion, nothing is unattainable in comics, and the character has a mountain of promise past his treasured few appearances (identical to the rest of Red Skull’s S-Men.) Hopefully, the champion of the Crooked Emerald will sooner or later face the bearer of the Crimson Gem, and followers can see how Juggernaut‘s unstoppable momentum fares towards irrestible energy.

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