Juggernaut vs Thanos’ Uncle Will Decide Who’s Really Unstoppable


Contains a preview for Legion of X #6

The Juggernaut has lengthy been identified for being unstoppable, however an upcoming battle within the pages of Legion of X with Thanos‘s uncle, the evil Eternal Uranos, will put this declare to the last word take a look at.

The Juggernaut, born Cain Marko, might not be a mutant, however he has troubled the X-Men since practically day one. Introduced in X-Men #12, and created by the enduring duo of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, the Juggernaut has been one of many enduring standouts of the dynamic duo’s all-too-brief tenure on the e book within the Sixties. Cain is Charles Xavier’s stepbrother and is aptly named: Cain has hated his youthful sibling all his life, and after buying superpowers he has attacked him quite a few occasions. Powered by the paranormal Crimson Gem of Cyttorak and remodeled into an unstoppable avatar of destruction, the Juggernaut has tried to reform just lately and serves on Nightcrawler’s new staff, the Legionnaires.


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However, Cain’s fabled unstoppable nature will likely be challenged by Uranos, an Eternal whose energy and thirst for violence put his nephew Thanos to disgrace. According to a solicit shared by League of Comic Geeks, the upcoming Legion of X #6, by Si Spurrier and Rafael T. Pimentel, Uranos’s assault on Arakko will put him within the Legionaires’ and Juggernaut’s cross-hairs. As a part of the continued A.X.E.: Judgment Day occasion starring the Avengers, X-Men, and Eternals, Uranos was unleashed upon the mutant world of Arakko. He defeated the 1000’s of mutants assembled towards him in lower than one hour, exhibiting that the Eternals have been proper to concern his energy. With most of Arakko’s ruling Great Ring out of fee, it looks as if the Legionnaires are going to should step in and save the mutant planet. Check out the duvet of Legion of X #6 and the solicit data beneath.

  • LEGION OF X #6
  • Cover by DIKE RUAN
  • Judgment Day has arrived…and our very personal Legion is on the chopping block! The Eternal Uranos launches a savage assault on Arakko, nevertheless it’s not solely the planet Mars that is at stake. Is David Haller a hero, will he succumb to his insanity simply as everybody – maybe even the Celestials themselves – predicts?

With Uranos’s menace firmly established, will probably be attention-grabbing to see if Juggernaut can have any luck towards this Eternal foe. While Cain could also be successfully indestructible and utterly unstoppable as soon as he is in movement, writers have give you numerous methods to subdue or defeat the Juggernaut. Cain has no protection towards telepathy past his helmet, his energy ranges have been identified to fluctuate at occasions primarily based on the power of his relationship with the deity Cyttorak, and Cain has even had the ability stolen from him by power earlier than, together with as soon as memorably by Colossus. Confronted with probably the most highly effective enemies the X-Men have ever confronted, the Juggernaut can have a chance to earn the “unstoppable” moniker like by no means earlier than.

The assembled heroes are going through menace after menace in Judgment Day, together with gigantic Eternals besieging Krakoa. But after the notorious “hour of Uranos” on Arakko, the elder Eternal could also be close to the highest of their record. Even as the brand new Celestial introduced he would determine Earth’s destiny within the subsequent 24 hours, Druig was unwilling to launch Uranos from his jail, claiming the scenario nonetheless is not dire sufficient to justify turning to him for assist. After seeing Uranos lay waste to a world populated by superpowered beings, even the unstoppable Juggernaut is prone to dread the upcoming confrontation with Thanos‘s uncle Uranos.

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