Kali Urad Ke totke: Millionaires can do urad dal tricks, your dream can come true


Tips for Kali Urad: Obstacles and problems in life cause failure in life. Everyone desires wealth in life. Everyone lives in this effort to remain a source of income. Some people can not become a source of income even after trying a lot. Many such steps are told in astrology, by adopting which your dream will come true. Let us know some quick solutions.

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1. Take black urad dal, a little curd and a pinch of vermilion and keep under the Peepal tree on Saturday. Do this continuously for about 5 Saturdays. By doing this your dream of becoming rich will come true soon.
2. If you want success in business, then take a handful of black urad dal and chant any proven mantra of Mahalakshmi ji on Sunday. Now make a bundle by keeping the Shree Yantra and wrists in a red cloth. Now put it in your store on Friday and show it in the sunlight every day. By doing this your business will start running smoothly.
3. Those who start a new job and want to be successful in it, then on Saturday, scatter the seeds of black urad dal in their shop or workplace.
4. If you don’t have money, make pakodas of black urad dal and feed it to black dogs on Saturday. This will avoid troubles. It increases wealth.

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