Kang The Conqueror May Lead The Next Avengers Team In Huge Marvel Twist


Spoilers for Timeless #1 by Marvel ComicsIn a surprising twist, Kang the Conqueror could also be being set as much as lead the subsequent Avengers group, because the supervillain’s future within the function is being teased. In Timeless #1 by Marvel Comics, Kang’s pursuit of the Missing Moment leads him to his near-death in opposition to his new rival Myrddin, the place the time-traveling reveals that with the intention to acquire the unimaginable prize, he’ll want heroes of his personal.

In Timeless #1 by Jed MacKay, Greg Land, Salvador Larocca, Patch Zircher, and Frank D’Armata from Marvel Comics, Kang the Conqueror is on a quest to find the Missing Moment, a second in time that he cannot entry. However, after studying about “the greatest prize in all of history,” Kang is informed that “the tribulation events” should be met by heroes, not villains. Kang’s seek for the mysterious Missing Moment is met by the villain, Myrddin, who chases him throughout time together with his Twilight Court. After being introduced for judgment and profitable a trial by fight, Myrddin stabs Kang, practically killing him. As he lies severely wounded after teleporting to null-time, Kang admits to beat Myrddin in uncovering the Missing Moment, he would require “heroes of his own.”


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Kang’s Search For Heroes May Lead Him Directly To The Avengers

While Kang the Conqueror main the Avengers might sound farfetched, together with his pursuit of the Missing Moment, becoming a member of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes may be his solely strategy to attain his best prize. Since Tribulation Events can solely be met by heroes, Kang assembling his personal group of heroes as he figures out how one can be a hero himself teases a brand new future for the longtime villain.

Kang Teases He Will Lead The Avengers - Timeless

Can Kang grow to be a hero within the Marvel Universe? That stays to be seen, however variations of the time-traveling villain have taken on heroic roles earlier than, similar to Iron Lad with the Young Avengers. However, convincing the Avengers he is worthy of turning into a hero and a trusted group member can be extremely troublesome, particularly given his historical past preventing Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.

Putting Kang on the Avengers would characterize a big established order change for the superteam, as their present Multiversal adventures have dragged on and present a complete reset is much-needed. Kang turning into a hero can be a stunning transformation for the villain, even when his seek for the Missing Moment is rooted in his egocentric needs for the Multiverse’s final prize. If Marvel needs to enter 2023 within the boldest means potential, Kang the Conqueror becoming a member of the Avengers would undoubtedly be a wild storytelling swing. Timeless #1 by Marvel Comics, which is in comedian guide shops now.

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