Keep the child’s school bag according to Vastu, his mind will be engaged in studies


If you keep the child’s school bag according to Vastu, then your child’s mind gets engaged in studies and it benefits him.

Today every parent is very much concerned about the education of their child. They always want to see their child topper in studies and that’s why they get many types of tuition etc. from the school. On the other hand, children also work very hard to perform better, but still they do not get the best result. If the same thing happens with your child, then it is possible that you are ignoring some small things.

Actually, along with the education of the children, there is also a way to keep the things related to it like school bags etc. When the school bag is kept properly, it shows positive effects on the child’s studies. So let’s go to this article today Architect Dr. Anand Bhardwaj Telling you what things you should keep in mind while keeping the child’s school bag-

don’t keep it crooked

Whenever you child is keeping the school bag, keep it in mind that never keep it crooked or lying down. Then whether you keep the bag at home or keep it in the school van or bus. Always try to keep it straight.

avoid black color

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Most of the parents prefer to buy black color in the school bag so that there is no problem of cleaning it. But according to Vastu it is advised to avoid black colour. However, if the child’s bag is of black colour, then keep in mind that it should not be completely black.

Must include some other color in it. Its strap should be of any other color or you should stick a sticker of any other color in it. So that he does not remain only black.

keep the bag in the right direction

keep bag in right direction

When the kids come back from school and keep the bag, you try to keep it in the right direction. (Most Effective Vastu Tips 2022: Some such surefire remedies of Vastu that can make you rich) For the child’s bag, you can keep it in the direction of East, North-West, North East etc. By the way, the best direction for a child’s bag is considered to be the northeast. Make a place to keep the child’s bag in the northeast corner of your house.

don’t keep these things

Usually children keep any kind of stuff in their bags. However, what the children are keeping in it also has a huge impact on their studies. The child’s bag should not contain pencil shavings, garbage, torn pages, broken stationery items etc. Many times children tear the page and make it into an airplane etc. and keep it in the bag, it is advised to avoid doing this.

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keep books properly

When you or the child is keeping school books and copies in the bag, keep in mind that it should be facing the same side. For example, books and notebooks should never be kept upside down in the bag.

Apart from this, also keep in mind that keep the biggest book and copy at the back and then keep the smaller books ahead. Due to this, the sequence of energy in the bag moves in the same direction and the child gets its benefit.

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So now you also keep these rules of Vastu in mind while keeping the child’s school bag and see your child progressing every day.

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